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Hard Drive Suddenly Marked as Pool



I have a Pool of 5 Hard Drives totaling 40TB. It has been working fine for years with no issues. However, Yesterday, one of the 8TB drives started showing up as a Pool on it's own, but with nothing able to be read from it. I tried everything I could to get it to rejoin the main pool, but it just kept giving one error after another. 

I eventually took out physically and connected it to an Enclosure so I could see it's contents. There were 2 pool folders in there, one which said it was corrupt and unreadable. The other was empty. Sorry I did not take screenshots of these error messages on time. 

Also, the System Reserved part of Windows now shows up as Disk 4. It never used to do that before. Z3ec64K.jpg

I ended up returning it back into the main computer, into the 40TB pool after about 3 hours of trying everything. It then finally showed up in the main pool but by duplicating another drive's name. I renamed it. 

So, the issue now and my worry is what you see in the picture attached. That drive, alongside another are grey versus the others that are all blue. I am concerned this could be the beginning of something and I do not want to lose my data at any cost. 

I have the complete package of Stablebit Drivepool, Scanner, and Cloud. The scanner shows all my drives as healthy with nothing failing or imminent. 

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I have reached out to them, and gotten a response. But it's been 8 hours now and nothing back. I am thinking since it is the weekend. Hopefully come Monday, they will be more active in response. That is a lot of data to lose. I don't know where to begin.

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