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  1. Thanks Chris. It somehow fixed itself while I was at work, apparently. And despite being turned off. Right now it shows only 175 MB unduplicated and 1.02 GB other. Next time something like this happens I'll just turn it off and leave it to rest. Computers, am I right? Thank you again, I'll keep the above command in mind if something like this happens.
  2. Thanks for the reply. In windows explorer there are no files outside of the folder and I didn't touch placement rules at all. They are at default. The "other" in that disk has nearly exactly the same size as the unduplicated files in the first two disks. I believe Drivepool actually distributed and duplicated the data to the drive but now refuses to calculate it.
  3. Hi, So here's the situation. I used to have Drivepool on a HP Proliant Microserver n40l with windows 8.1 as an additional backup destination. Then one of the disks dropped out of the pool and I stopped using the server for some time. A few days ago one of my desktop disks died which made my re-examine my backup strategy and I decided to start using the server again. At this point it had 2 3tb and 2 2tb disks in it, with a 1tb disk outside the pool as the boot drive. I removed both of the 2tb disks (one of which was the dropping hdd but it seems to work ok for now), updated the os to windows 10 anniversary edition and updated the Drivepool software (I may be mistaken on the order of the software updates. I may have updated Drivepool first). Then I added 3 more 3tb disks to the pool. Duplication was off on the pool since there was not enough space before, I turned it on. All of the balancing plug-ins I left at their default values. After duplication completed I re-measured the pool. According to Drivepool, one of the drives is full of "other" files. No duplicated or unduplicated files on there according to the interface. Yet when I enter the disk itself, I can see the files are duplicated on other disks. When re-measuring Drivepool simply seems to skip checking that disk. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now the software seems to work as intended but the discrepancy in the information makes me think there may be something wrong somewhere.
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