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    Will this work?

    Joe, I got the 2T-part of Pool bit, hence the "ignore missing disk msgs" part. I now actually think that might well be the best way to go. I am assuming that DP will let you write to the Pool even while a disk is missing. My other suggestion was less well though through as deleting from the 500GB drive might cause balancing to transfer yet other files to it. That can be stopped but it just introduces more steps and risk factors IMO. So I would in that scenario: 1. Remove 500 GB drive from computer 2. Remove 500 GB drive from Pool (now the files are realy lost, DP accepts they no long
  2. Perhaps when v1 starts running, it picks up the poolpart directories but has an initial setting of non-duplication so that it deletes one copy of those? I'm on v2.x now but I can not remember being able to set duplication in v1.x other than on a per serverfolder basis, IIRC.
  3. Umfriend

    Will this work?

    Let me get this straight, you propose: - 4 Hds in the Pool, no duplication whatsoever. - Removing a 2TB filled drive from computer (not the Pool), ignoring missing disk msgs from DP - Insert new 2TB drive, move all 500GB data to 2 TB drive, remove 500GB from Pool and then from computer - Reinsert old 2TB drive and hope DP recognises it and all will be fine? I don't know why it would not work but there are people here who can help you with this. If you do backup, might you consider simply deleting contents on 500GB drive, remove/replace and restore to new 2TB drive? Or temporarily use
  4. It only occurs every so many days, few weeks even. I'll await the next stable release (never do betas). Many thanks.
  5. Hi, In the Event Viewer that I look at on occasion, DP 2.x comes up sometimes stating that an Error report file has been saved somewhere (actually, two files at the same time). I don't actually observe any issues with DP. Should I worry and what should I do with the file? I can't actually seem to read/open it. Kind rgds, Umf
  6. But you might want to have a look at http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/208-stablebit-drivepool-controlling-folder-placement/ . It appears they anticipate to do exactly what you want!
  7. I know nothing about JBOD / raid / rocketraid. But I would guess that for DP to work well, your system should recognise the individual HDs. Can you mount them and then create a Pool on those drives? One question though, if you're going to use DP (and duplication), would you not rather have those drives not in a JBOD setup as well? I get the impression that two setups with halfway the same purpose are combined, that can't be good I think. My advice would be to break down the JBOD (and I am assuming that F and G indeed show as 10.88TB drives as per Dougs' question), and go DP all the way
  8. My guess would be that DP sees the JBOD as ONE disk? Edit: When you created the Pool, did you add four objects/disk, or one (being the JBOD)? Small tip for when this is solved: first create a Pool with duplication, then transfer to the Pool. (So not, first to Pool, then duplicate). In my experience, DP does the job but it is way way slower than simple duplicating when it writes to the Pool.
  9. I think I understand but if _you_ see one huge drive, so does the OS and DP is (I think) meant to distribute files or load over disks evenly. Not sure if DP allows for explicit folder positioning but even if it does (or will in the future) I would think it would only be worth while for specific situations (that I can't think of right now). Let me ask you another question: If you see one big logical drive, why would you care how files are distributed over the four disks? If you move the shared folders (via the dashboard) to the Pool (the huge virtual disk that is know by some letter) than a
  10. OK, I may misunderstand the question but here goes. First off, _if_ you create a pool of four drives, _why_ would you _not_ want files in certain "Folders" to be distributed over the four drives? Put otherwise, _what_ is it that you want to pool the drives for? It seems to me that what you want to accomplish is, basically, having four seperate physical and logical drives. I am not familiar with Drive Bender but I assume that DB will (like Drive Pool) assign a drive letter to a logical drive, the logical drive being the Pool. You should (and would with DP) see all files in the shared fo
  11. So I am trying to get some HDs to spin down through Scanner. - Windows never puts HDDs to sleep - Scanner Disk Settings -> Query power mode directly from disk is set - Scanner Disk control -> Standby timer is grey, which I understand is because it is something that can not be read from the HDD - Scanner Disk control -> Advanced Power Management is set - Scanner Disk control -> Whatever I do, it automatically reverts to Maximum performance (no standby). Why? What should I do? It is an ST2000DM001 (but applies to the ST2000VN000 as well). Perhaps they smply do not support it
  12. OK, but in a 2-disk pool with duplication, there is not much to move, is there? In my experiance (with DP 1.x) it would actually leave the files on the removed disk, unhide the poolpart folder but not add new files/changed files to the disk-to-remove as only the other is part of the pool.
  13. OK, the removing thing I am not so worried about. It's primarily the adding. I'm not sure real-time duplication has any influence here, that only applies, as I understand it, to new files written to the pool. That is what I would accomplish in my scenario. In the graceful way, DP would do duplicate in the background and, as some have written, that may take a long long time (might well be due to other issues of course). I do not understand this. I thought removing a file always left ALL files that were on the disk intact (which in my case with a 2-drive duplicated should not be
  14. Hi all, I have DP2, full duplication of just two 2TB drives. I need to replace one of them (rising sector allocation error count). I could just: 1. Remove on of the drives from the pool (how would DP deal with duplication if one of the two is removed?) 2. Remove the drive from the server 3. Add new drive to the server 4. Add new drive to the pool. However, I get the feeling that removing takes some time for DP to process and adding a new one may take a very long time (in background, whatever checks it does etc). So, I am wondering whether it would not be quicker to: 1. Copy a
  15. That is what I thought, thanks for confirming. I'll monitor. Luckilly all is duplicated on another drive as well. One follow-up Q: If I choose to ignore the alert, will it re-emerge if the sector count changes? Many thanks again Drashna.
  16. Hi all, Scanner is showing 2504 Reallocated Sectors Count on one of my drives. The message became apparent to me three days ago. The number of affected sectors has not rissen. Should I be concerned (alread)? Kind rgds, Umf
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