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  1. Did not test it any further, but it did work for me before to, only the display was wrong, but the data was actually transfered away. But I will do another test sometime soon. But if it worked for you I think it will work for me aswell. But I let you know.
  2. That does sound good Which version did you now install?
  3. I have the same settings as you, and it looks wrong on quick view, there, the Disk is shown as if there are things on it. But when I look directly onto the disc and into the hidden DrivePool folder, then there is nothing in it, only Folders but there are all empty. Windows Explorer also shows that the Feeder disk is empty except a couple of MBs but I think that this is some DrivePool related stuff, because all other disk have couple of GBs on them. So it looks like it is working, but I have to test it with real hardware, I did only test with VMs. I would suggest that you look into you
  4. Thanks, I will try that, I did fundle around with those numbers, but was not sure if they are good or bad. And I am on your side, 1GB can be much it would be better if the Feeder disk could be completely flushed.
  5. Hello, I am currently using DrivePool with WHS2011 but I want to upgrade to WSE2012R2 and I tested a little bit in a VM to get used to the new Server. I installed WSE2012R2 + DrivePool test version in a VM and added a couple of Drives to test the Feeder Disk. I added the https://stablebit.com/DrivePool/Plugins Archive Optimizer Plugin, disabled all others and added one drive as a Feeder disk. I attached an image how I made the configuration. Now to the question. If I copy something to my Pool, it will be placed on the Feeder disk first. But when will it be moved away from it? Till
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