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  1. I am running DrivePool on a system with limited resources and would like to limit what is actually running. Within DrivePool I have unchecked both notification items, missing disk and email. I have noticed however, even after a reboot, I still have 2 processes running named DrivePool.Notifications.exe, 1 for each of the 2 users that use the system. Is there a way to prevent these from running, or disable them further? I understand the importance, however I actively monitor the system and as i said, it has limited resources. Thanks!
  2. I had everything set to show hidden folders and files, however I did not think about the systemvolumeinformation folder that was likely there.I supposed I could have booted the system with a live cd to look closer to see what was 'there'
  3. Great, thanks for the information! I migrated everything over and all is functioning correctly. One thing I noticed however is one of the drives has 37.9 GB of "other". What is this and how do I determine what it is? When I browse directly to the drive the ONLY item is the hidden poolpart folder. I have remeasured several times, but can not figure out what is taking up that space? Properties of the actual physical drive, in this case E: shows used space 116GB, properties of the poolpart folder shows 76GB. I am in the process of moving all the data off of this drive in hopes of ref
  4. I have created a pool and added 3 drives, all which have existing data on them. The end goal is to migrate all of the data to the pool. I have moved some data in 2 different ways so far. First I open up my pooled drive (X:) and 1 of the other drives (E:), and simple copy from E: to X:. This copies the data, which I do not want, as I simple want to move it. Also, it is slow as it copies the data. Second I opened my E: drive and manually moved files directly into the hidden 'poolpart' folder. This instantly moves it to the pool without copying. I am wondering, if there a neg
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