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  1. I am running DrivePool on a system with limited resources and would like to limit what is actually running. Within DrivePool I have unchecked both notification items, missing disk and email. I have noticed however, even after a reboot, I still have 2 processes running named DrivePool.Notifications.exe, 1 for each of the 2 users that use the system. Is there a way to prevent these from running, or disable them further? I understand the importance, however I actively monitor the system and as i said, it has limited resources. Thanks!
  2. I had everything set to show hidden folders and files, however I did not think about the systemvolumeinformation folder that was likely there.I supposed I could have booted the system with a live cd to look closer to see what was 'there'
  3. Great, thanks for the information! I migrated everything over and all is functioning correctly. One thing I noticed however is one of the drives has 37.9 GB of "other". What is this and how do I determine what it is? When I browse directly to the drive the ONLY item is the hidden poolpart folder. I have remeasured several times, but can not figure out what is taking up that space? Properties of the actual physical drive, in this case E: shows used space 116GB, properties of the poolpart folder shows 76GB. I am in the process of moving all the data off of this drive in hopes of reformatting it to correct the issue, but I wanted to see if this is something others have experienced? [Edit: I came across another post of a user having the same issue where a reformat corrected the problem. Hopefully it will do the same for me!] Update: reformatting appears to have corrected the issue. I noticed after I had completed removed the drive from the pool, windows still thought it had 37 GB on it. Like before, nothing was hidden, there was no data to be found. Puzzles me. Also, I had system restore turned off, and no shadow copies. I had tried to remove and 'clean' the drive but nothing changed.
  4. I have created a pool and added 3 drives, all which have existing data on them. The end goal is to migrate all of the data to the pool. I have moved some data in 2 different ways so far. First I open up my pooled drive (X:) and 1 of the other drives (E:), and simple copy from E: to X:. This copies the data, which I do not want, as I simple want to move it. Also, it is slow as it copies the data. Second I opened my E: drive and manually moved files directly into the hidden 'poolpart' folder. This instantly moves it to the pool without copying. I am wondering, if there a negative impact of doing this? I understand I would likely need to do a remeasure after doing this, but are there any potential issues I should be aware of? Also, if this is a standard practice, I apologize for the question!
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