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  1. I tried installing 2,5 unfortunately no change with the serial numbers, sorry not had a chance to switch disk 0 around yet. Lol it seems unless you spend at least £100 on a sata expansion card theres going to be at least one fault somewhere. To be honest now I have the correct driver installed the locking up / freezing is still occurring, but to a much less noticeable extent, the mouse doesn't stop moving anymore but flash content or any system audio will freeze about 0.1s every minute (especially noticeable in YouTube videos) or watching any media. Ive tried disabling Smart requests for the drives running off the card but no change there either.
  2. Unfortunately the controller is returning the same serial for all four disks, not mangled ever now though. They are all the infamous Samsung HD204UI, but with updated firmware. Btw I noticed this problem before I installed Drivepool, Seagate's drivedetect.exe was doing the same thing. They are responsible for samsung HDD's i think they bought the HDD company.
  3. Urgh, im really sorry! I installed the wrong driver: http://uk.startech.com/Cards-Adapters/HDD-Controllers/SATA-Cards/4-Port-PCI-Express-SATA-III-6Gbps-Controller-Card-with-eSATA-PCIe-4-Line~PEXSAT34 Instead of similar: http://uk.startech.com/Cards-Adapters/HDD-Controllers/SATA-Cards/2-Port-eSATA-4-Port-SATA-PCI-Express-x4-SATA-Controller-Adapter-Card-PCIe~PEXSATA24E Now its working fine, hope i didn't waste anyone's time. Still got issue with serial numbers coming from the card but minor issue obviously.
  4. Hi, im just posting here because I think i might be experiencing a similar issue. I am on Win 7 64bit, when the scanner service is running i am experiencing intermittent 'lock ups' lasting about a third of a second. The mouse stops moving and any audio turns into buzzing. I am using the 4 port Sata Pci express card with Marvell Chipset, same one?: Edit, Sorry very slightly different model from posted link, 2 eSata ports not one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-com-eSATA-Express-Controller-Adapter/dp/B0010VDI0M It has 4 drives plugged in. I am also experiencing problems with the card not returning correct HDD serial numbers, i get either '?', a jumbled serial no. (which is still interpretable or something that looks like its encoded like 45620202002002 etc). I appreciate this is probably an issue with the card rather than the scanner itself. Is the locking up probably the card? Id like to avoid changing it since it was expensive and resolved problems I was having with other sata extension cards.
  5. For duplication, how much of a performance disadvantage would two 32Gb partitions on a 64Gb SSD drive be vs two SSD drives? Edit: Sorry - just realized, is that a dumb question? Or can I still take advantage of the SSD landing on two partitions because it can be duplicated properly to other mechanical drives in the pool. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for the useful information, great product.
  7. Or perhaps a 'RAM drive' ? - probably 12GB in size. Something like this http://www.softperfect.com/products/ramdisk/
  8. Hi there, i'm new to Drivepool after Server 2008 Raid 5 has let me down with poor performance and difficulty identifying problem disks. The SSD Optimizer feature seems pretty cool - got a few questions on how I can make use of it with my setup if anyone can offer there guidance. I don't have a spare SSD, what do you think of using two mechanical 2TB drives in Raid 0 as an SSD drive? Is this a waste of capacity? Alternatively could I make a partition of my system SSD drive to use as the SSD landing, if so what is the optimum size? Thanks for reading.
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