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  1. It’s not an issue really, you should be able to put in your license codes and if that doesn’t work support is always there to help you out with stuff like that
  2. Considering you have a backup I would suggest just to use 2x. Even that seems unnecessary but I understand your reasons. With 3 disks 2x is good enough to rebuild if a disk should fail. There is no reason to have the exact same data on all 3 disks with drivepool imo.
  3. First of all I want to ask if there is a reason you use those disks external? If you can put them in your system I would do that. Secondly it can help just to change something in your balancer rules, save it and revert it back. Then try to balance again. you also might to consider (in case you keep the drives external) to use the order placement plugin. Set it that your original files go to the internal disk and the duplication files to the external disks.
  4. Just remove the driveletter manually. I think it’s on purpose since you might want to keep some files on the drive but out of the pool, that’s why Drivepool doesn’t perform that task automatically.
  5. Did you try a forced removal of the drive? You might give it a try, when you click remove it is one of the options. I also feel like the drive shouldn't be added back, but maybe like this it will work as well.
  6. First of all, did you try to reinstall both Stablebit products? If not, I would give that a try first
  7. OrozarBE

    SSD caching Question

    If you still have this issue, could you tell me if Plex reacts the same way for all files or only certain files? Which container are they in? Are you streaming locally and did you check if for some reason plex is not streaming over the internet? Which plex app on what kind of device are you using?
  8. I reverted back to situation 1 but the problem remains, no matter in what order I add the disks. I can't seem to find a workable solution. I admit it's not a big problem, but an annoying one none the less
  9. To reach what you want I would suggest only using the stablebit scanner plug-in (place it in first position) and the SSD optimizer (position 2). Set your SSD as SSD in the SSD optimizer plugin and there you can also set your archive disks (all disks except the SSD) to fill in a particular order. That should accomplish what you wish
  10. I think that your problem is that you simply don't have enough free space. You should never write a disk that full. You should at least leave 10% free on each of your disks, even without drivepool your windows would give errors at some point because of this. The best advice I can give you is either try and clear up some space or add another disk to the pool and pray it can balance it back to acceptable levels.
  11. The one time that I had an issue with drivepool I uninstalled and reinstalled. Worked like a charm. I also migrated the pool to 3 different systems in the time that I have it and it never gave any problems, so yes, it's safe imo to uninstall and reinstall. While installing however you could add it to the exception list of your AV scanner as previous poster recommended.
  12. I had that problem once. In my case it fixed itself after stopping the process and make a change in the plugins section. I made a change, saved, made the change undone, saved, restarted pc (probably unnecessary) and started balancing again.
  13. I wish I could help, but the only thing that comes to mind is enabling network I/O boost. But even that doesn’t really explain your problem, might be worth the try if it’s not enabled though. fyi: I can tell you it’s not a general issue since I mapped my pool to a network drive on other pc’s in the local network, all using W10 and I never had such issues. I hope someone else can provide you a solution :s
  14. check if you have set real time duplication. If you have not, it will only duplicate over night, so the system has to stay powered on. If it is set to real-time duplication, try to disable and enable it again.
  15. It is indeed slower than it should be, maybe give the process high priority at night or when not in use and like the previous poster said a restart can do wonders as well
  16. I am using drivepool for quite a while. Now I recently changed some disks around and was confronted with the fact that my cache (3 SSD of 1TB) is filling in an order I don’t really prefer. While sometimes I need over 2TB cache for faster copying of files during daytime there are also a lot of occasions where I need less than 1TB. Two of the disks are samsung 860 sata SSD while 1 disk is a samsung nvme 970. I would prefer that drivepool would always use the nvme first, but I can’t find a setting to make that happen. Currently he fills both sata ssd’s before switching to the nvme SSD. Anyone knows a way around this or should I remove the 860’s out of the pool and re-add them every time I need more cache? Thanks in advance I thought I found the solution while reading another post on a similar subject. I pooled my SSD’s in a child pool with only the stablebit scanner and Ordered File Placement plugins active. I can set the order in the plugin and add the child pool to the main pool as SSD Drive and the problem should be solved I thought. Now the problem is that he simply doesn't write to the SSD's at all, although the balancers place the arrow to place new files correctly on the child pool, no files actually go there :s
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