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  1. Currently have 2x 1Tb drives as a pool and 2x 3Tb drives as a 'manual backup' pool for the 2x 1Tb data plus my dashcam footage. All data is backed up to my Qnap nas as well. I have each pool set for 2x duplication at pool level. I'm about to remove all 4 of those (Barracuda) and go with 3x 4Tb (Ironwolf) drives. My question is, if I stick with 2x duplication will I get more storage as files are only split across any 2 drives or would I be better going with 3x duplication so all drives get the same data? Like I said, all data is weekly backed up to a Qnap Nas (which is also backed up to a 2nd Qnap Nas) and a new external USB 8Tb Seagate drive (yes, I learnt the hard way a while ago about having backups!)
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