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  1. Thanks OrozarBE, I will try that. I think it is really strange that this would be happening, and was hoping it was the way the windows 10 does it drive mapping to non-physical drives. I will open a ticket and see if support might be able to glean what is happening from there. I might also go and buy a NIC and see if having a different one with different drives might be better.
  2. Hey everyone, I am hoping someone can help me with this really strange problem. I had my current server with drivepool on it running windows 7 for quite a while. I was able to access my files using windows shares locally without any issues at that point. I recently decided to upgrade that computer to windows 10 because of the EOL that is coming next month. After doing that, I have had an incredible amount of slowness on the shared "Pool" drive. Essentially the "Pooled" drive takes about 30 seconds for me to interact with files of type BMP, MOV, EXE etc. However, if I try to interact with a TXT file or SV file, it happens near instantaneous. I currently have tried access text files that are hundred of megabytes big with no issues, but I cannot access an image file that is 10kb big without waiting 30 seconds. I have also tried mapping the individual drives that make up the pool, for example e/f/g/h, and I can access all of the files on those "real" drives without any issues. This includes files on the pool drive that have a 30+ second penalty. I will upload a video later, but does anyone have any clues? For clarity. I am on my main desktop, which is on the same lan as my server. I have restarted all networking items on both computers, and I have reinstalled windows "clean" on my main desktop.
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