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  1. Hi brains trust, I'm getting some very odd behaviors from my Drivepool, which has otherwise been stable for 1+ years, hoping you can assist. I've attached my Drivepool screenshot - it looks happy, despite oddly marking my printer as a (non-pooled) hard drive. I've attached my 'This PC' screenshot - this looks odd in multiple ways: * '4TB Internal C (E:)', which is part of the pool, is showing with zero bytes free. If I double-click to browse that drive, windows explorer shows that it has no contents, whereas this should be nearly full of pool content. * Internal (G:), which is part of the pool, is also showing with zero bytes free. Unlike E: though, if I double-click to browse in windows explorer, it contains a file named 'PoolPart.1435e189-785b-491d-a5ec-40402557f667' of 0KB file size, whereas again this should contain pool data * 2TB External (K:) looks ok in the 'This PC' screenshot, however double-click to browse and all it apparently contains is a 1KB shortcut link to 'USB Drive (L)' * TB External (L:) is also showing as '0 bytes', browsing shows no contents, My torrent software keeps reporting that it is having issues writing to the pool, although I can manually copy/paste to it successfully. All my data does still appear to be visible and accessible through the pool (Drivepool I: in the screenshot above) As you can see it's very unhappy and I'm nervous about the safety of my data, would appreciate any assistance. Thanks very much
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