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  1. I'm considering swapping out my PC case for another one with more bays, and in doing so, there's a good chance that the drives will no longer be connected to their original SATA ports. Will this affect the pool in any way?
  2. I am experiencing skipping and stuttering during playback of large, high-resolution music files (e.g., 24-bit, 192 kHz) when StableBit Scanner is running on my system. I can confirm that the culprit is StableBit Scanner, as the problem goes away once I kill "ScannerService" in Task Manager. To be clear, this occurs even when StableBit Scanner is merely "monitoring" drives and not actively scanning them for errors. What is the solution here, aside from uninstalling the program? An option to completely suspend its processes is one option, but that seems like a strange thing to add for an application that should continuously run to mitigate disasters.
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