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  1. hammy

    SSD caching Question

    Thank you so much for the help! I'll check out PrimoCache, I do have read striping enabled and multiple duplicated copies. I also probably chose the wrong word in "bottleneck." It makes it sound like DrivePool is causing my issue, when I don't think it is. Something is causing a lot of buffering when watching stuff off my server and I really can't pin down what it is. Thank you for taking the time!!
  2. hammy

    SSD caching Question

    Apologies here, this may have been asked before, but I don't quite have the hardware vocabulary to search for it appropriately. Does drivepool have the ability to do this: I am currently using drivepool for my Plex server, but for whatever reason, I keep running into bottlenecks on my drive speeds. What I'd like to happen is when a movie or whatever starts being read from my spinning drives, to automatically transfer over to a caching SSD for faster reading Is such a thing even possible, does it even make sense to ask in the context of a plex server (ie, is midstream handoff even a thing, again, sorry I'm still learning the hardware lingo)? Thank you for the forums here, they've been a great help to me!
  3. Christopher thank you so much! What is the benefit in having two SSDs? This is all super fascinating and I really appreciate the help. Just bought another suite of licenses for my PC, considering upgrading my whole office. Just love the software!
  4. It just seems odd that the "duplicated files" are so close to exactly double! It definitely doesn't count "duplicated" files twice (ie, once for their original file, and again for the duplicate counterpart)? Also, just curious, in your opinion is it actually worth it to have duplication enabled for read i/o? I have (at most) 5-6 people accessing my home server at once just so family can watch some movies off the drives. Worth it for that or is that not an intensive enough scenario for it to matter?
  5. Jaga, thank you so much! So that's not entirely out of the ordinary for Metadata to be so large? My whole pool is around 36TB, almost all of it is taken up by uncompressed blurays, the folder I was trying to duplicate was just the compressed versions of films so I could stream them outside my home faster (with the read i/o boost). I will absolutely use that SSD optimizer, that's brilliant! I love it! Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Thanks so much for the help. I did 2x for the individual movies folder, everything else is at 1x (except the metadata folder at 3x). As far as I can see, file duplication is not on/I didn't turn it on. Would it be better to possibly partition my C drive then add that portion to the pool? Thanks again!
  7. Hey everyone, New to the drivepool game here, absolutely loving this software. Has made storage and backup so much easier. Sorry if these are stupid questions here. 1. I seem to be a bit confused how the "Folder duplication" process works. I have one of my movies folders set to duplicate, it's around 2.5tb. However, when I turn on duplication, the duplication across all my drives is around ~5.7tb. I don't have any other folders set for duplication, why would this figure be so high? I guess I was expecting duplication to be around the same size as the folder I was duplicating (2.5tb). Is the duplication figure the size of original folder plus the size of the duplication? 2. Am I able to safely add my C:/ drive to my pool? It's a 1TB SSD, I was hoping to harness some of its speed as a cache drive as it's mostly empty right now. Is this safe/possible? Thanks again for the phenomenal product, probably the happiest I've been with a software purchase in a long time.
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