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  1. Thanks for that, Shane I'ii give it ago later on today when I get back from the dentist, I won't do it now at 2 in the morning/ I suppose I will still be able to access it manually if need be & 'Everything' will still index what's in the drives
  2. I use 2 x 8 bay DAS's and there is 1 empty slot. As you can see from the screenshot, I am running out of drive letters. If I put in a few USB drives, then I have a full house! What do I do if I buy another DAS? Or I have more than 1 virtual drive? Does M$ revert to numbers after all the drive letters are taken?
  3. I just sent a request via 'contact' now, and it sent instead of being rejected; things are looking up Now we wait for a response Thank you for letting me know that the 'contact' for is working again
  4. No-one came back to answer me 🥺 let alone fix me
  5. That is OK Christopher, stuff happens 😛 I thought that while you were here, you would fix my licence problem. Did you forget? 🥺 Could you please de-register my licence so I can place my licence back in its proper place please 😀 I got a new EVGA X570 DARK mobo because my MSI MEG X570 ACE had a weird problem where the rear I/O ports stopped working on the USB ports everynow & then 🤬 I don't know if you remember me from earlier on this year where I lost heaps of data, about 30-40TB I think. I kept having troubles where my 2 DAS's took turns in turning themselves off. Then they didn't. Then they stopped alternating. Then they started again. Then I lost my mind. Then I found it. It was the wrong one, so I put it back. Then it stopped, but it started again. I found out by luck. I was behind the comp & I stuck a USB in & it didn't register in Windoze like it always does. Eureka! I found the problem - yay. So RMA'ed the mobo. Got money back & found the EVGA X570 DARK for $200 off on eBay as the bloke bought it but never opened it. So it has a few months less warranty for $200 off, sweet deal to me for EVGA as they will last 🤖 So when you have time squire, could you please work your magic so I can place my serial in for the last time for awhile now (since I finally found the problem - woo hoo) have a good 1 😛
  6. I tried several times to write in the proper place, https://stablebit.com/Contact to ask for my serial to be deregistered, so I can then register the serial once more. But I thought it did not like me being an Aussie, as the error picked up on 'cooee'! Who hasn't heard of cooee eh? I thought it must of been because my text was too long, so I shortened it, well bugger me, she was still the same mate. Coor streuth cobber. And then I tried a brief method, well blow me down. I gave a stuff up when it gave an for me being too fvcking nice. See picture enclosed So could someone, anyone deregister my serial for Drivepool & Scanner so I can register the serial again? And while u r at it. Fix the problem on the contact page could ya?
  7. Cooee I have been having this trouble for a month now; maybe even longer, and I am over it. Could a kind soul please help me with this problem? I have 2 DAS's contrlled by Drivepool, and it has been that way for awhile. But recently a DAS lost power, I thought the PSU went in it, but it started to do it to the other DAS 🤬 But the power always came back and I would get that error with that file mostly. I went to that file and up I go to the main folder and I deleted it while I watched 'everything' to see if it came back or other file came back. I kept on doing this quickly & also quickly empty the rubbish as well. But guess what? It always came back! 🤬 I even took out the HDD & formatted it. Guess what? It came back 🤬 I took all my files of the desktop & kept the settings for Thunderbird & Chrome looks after itself as I have other laptops. Installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro. Guess what? It came back 🤬🤬 That drivepool service log is not long after I re-installed Windoze 10 & that service log with todays date is the latest with copy & paste. I keep 'everything' open to wait for that folder (I traced it up the chain) to come back, but my DAS still powers down then powers up again; most of the time. It is a pain if I am downloading files I can't pause, so I have to start them all over again, after I find them. Sometimes when a DAS powers down, the other one might as well; then the computer does a slow dying process. I have a new problem to add to the mix, it just started today. I start the computer and the CPU sits at 100% in task manager; it was system that stayed at the top for ages, now it is Drivepool. I wonder if I started a new pool if that would fix everything? Drivepool service log.txt Service Log 27.1.2023.docx
  8. I removed 7 of my HDD's drive letters through disk management and the 'pool' is still intact
  9. It is fine, it is doing its own thing, you only have to worry when it does not seem to be doing anything
  10. I had the same problem last month, or is that 2 months now DP is smart enough to re-balance, but it will take awhile; I think mine took 44 hours, that is just under 2 days thou Then when you put in the 16TB (I wish Santa bought me one of them last week) it will re-balance again; and again it will take time, but it will be done I hope this helps you
  11. What you propose is the way I would do it, you got this covered Once you remove a disk from the pool, it won't automatically re-join the pool; unless you want it to re-join
  12. Cooee Chris I am still being flagged, I forgot to do it earlier this year, or was that last year (no hurry), I just read what other people wrote. The drivePool & the driveScanner have been behaving themselves (thank you), unlike me (Santa will miss me again) BTW, here is the old one have a Merry Christmas
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    I have this but I get this when I visit a post, so I can't post; so I made a new thread
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