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  1. I removed 7 of my HDD's drive letters through disk management and the 'pool' is still intact
  2. It is fine, it is doing its own thing, you only have to worry when it does not seem to be doing anything
  3. I had the same problem last month, or is that 2 months now DP is smart enough to re-balance, but it will take awhile; I think mine took 44 hours, that is just under 2 days thou Then when you put in the 16TB (I wish Santa bought me one of them last week) it will re-balance again; and again it will take time, but it will be done I hope this helps you
  4. What you propose is the way I would do it, you got this covered Once you remove a disk from the pool, it won't automatically re-join the pool; unless you want it to re-join
  5. Cooee Chris I am still being flagged, I forgot to do it earlier this year, or was that last year (no hurry), I just read what other people wrote. The drivePool & the driveScanner have been behaving themselves (thank you), unlike me (Santa will miss me again) BTW, here is the old one have a Merry Christmas
  6. Bear

    Site problem?

    I have this but I get this when I visit a post, so I can't post; so I made a new thread
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