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Q: How to copy if a file is Too Large for the SSD Optimiser



My backup pool has a 1TB SSD that I use to speed up my backups over a 10Gbs link.  Works great, as I can quickly backup my deltas from the main pool --> backup pool and in slow time it pushes the files to the large set of spinning rust (100TB).  

However, when I try to copy a file that is larger than the 1TB SSD I get a msg saying there is not enough available space.  Ideally, the SSD Optimiser should just push the file directly to a HDD in such cases (feature request?), but for now what would be the best way of copying this file into the pool?

- Manually copy directly to one of the HDD behind DrivePools back then rescan?

- Turn off the SSD optimiser then copy the file" or,

- Some other method?



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If you are only transferring that single 1 TB file once in a blue moon, it might be easiest to temporarily turn off the SSD Optimizer until that file transfer is complete. Is it possible to have your backup program split the file into smaller parts for easier transfers?

You can also just transfer files directly into a DrivePool HDD and DrivePool should pick it up without any problem. I have done that in a few cases and it worked fine for me. Of course, that circumvents your SSD and probably will be a much slower transfer. But at least you would not have to turn off the SSD Optimizer for all your other file transfers.

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