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Dropbox Smart Sync not working on DrivePool


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I am using StableBit Drivepool on Windows 10 version 1809 and it seems like the Smart Sync feature from Dropbox is not working when my Dropbox folder is located in my DrivePool. It doesn't show any errors but the sync process just hangs until I disable that feature again.

When I use that feature, I tries to create some files with an "Reparse point" attribute and it seems like this is what DrivePool has issues with. This Smart Sync feature was only part of the business subscription but is seems like this feature is now available for all paid Dropbox accounts. It also seems like a similar feature from OneDrive is also failing because of this.

Is it still ok to send logs about this to the support or is this feature out of DrivePool's scope?

edit: It seems like the Dropbox client is smart enough to understand that Smart Sync is failing and disabled it again for me. At least my files are not stuck in a permanent syncing limbo anymore. ^_^

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