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  1. Hello, I am using StableBit Drivepool on Windows 10 version 1809 and it seems like the Smart Sync feature from Dropbox is not working when my Dropbox folder is located in my DrivePool. It doesn't show any errors but the sync process just hangs until I disable that feature again. When I use that feature, I tries to create some files with an "Reparse point" attribute and it seems like this is what DrivePool has issues with. This Smart Sync feature was only part of the business subscription but is seems like this feature is now available for all paid Dropbox accounts. It also seems like a similar feature from OneDrive is also failing because of this. Is it still ok to send logs about this to the support or is this feature out of DrivePool's scope? edit: It seems like the Dropbox client is smart enough to understand that Smart Sync is failing and disabled it again for me. At least my files are not stuck in a permanent syncing limbo anymore.
  2. The seems to be similar to the issue I was having: I am still on build 870 and I can't reproduce the issue anymore.
  3. Starting today I am seeing the same issue. I am on build 852 and the Fall Creators Update. Currently it seems like the crash happens every time, when Dropbox is trying to sync an update to a local file on my drive pool. Closing Dropbox right after the login seems to avoid the BSOD-Reboot-BSOD-loop for now. How should I proceed? Send my memory dumps according to http://wiki.covecube.com/System_Crashes ? Update to a newer or or downgrade to build 747? edit: Uploaded the crash dump. Will now try build 870 and if that does not help, I will downgrade to build 747. edit2: With build 870 Dropbox succeeded to sync that final file without causing a BSOD. I don't know if the issue has been solved or if only the way to trigger the BSOD-causing bug has changed? I hope that my memory dump will be helpful for the devs to find the cause of this issue.
  4. Does your Dropbox client recognize file changes immediately when placed inside a DrivePool?
  5. I noticed that Dropbox on Windows has problems to detect file changes when placing Junctions inside it and this seems to be a Windows-only limitation: https://www.dropboxforum.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/201893105-Dropbox-not-syncing-properly-with-folders-created-by-symbolic-links Would this cause problems when placing a Dropbox folder into a DrivePool? To be more precise: Are FindFirstChangeNotification and FileSystemWatcher still working in DrivePools?
  6. Is a timeframe for a "stable" release with Windows 10 support already planned? I am still holding off my WHS 2011 pool migration (still on v1) because of this and with the recent Windows 10 update to build 10586 I hope that the developers did not have to start from scratch.
  7. Hello, I just want to check if the following workflow for my HDD migration is possible: Existing drives 1 and 2 are mounted as D:\ and E:\ Add new pool under F:\ and add drives 1 and 2 to the pool Move all files from D:\ and E:\ to F:\ Unmount D:\ and E:\ Permanently remount F:\ as D:\ Currently I still have some stuff installed on D:\ and I just want to avoid reinstalling everything. Is this workflow possible? And can I add additional drives and assign them to the drive pool without giving them any traditional driver letter?
  8. I can't find the download link for the 2.2.0 beta. Where can I find it if I want to switch from WHS 2011 to Windows 10?
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