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  1. I've installed that version and fingers crossed my DropBox has synced and not crashed, cheers :). Your main website is still showing 852, not sure if this is intended!
  2. Interesting, I think I'm on Excel 2016 not 2010 but apart from that it's the same. Hopefully this means there's more chance of it getting fixed as I don't want to revert to the older version of Windows 10. Everything else that uses my pool seems to work fine though.
  3. Hi, I've been having a few BSODs recently caused by DrivePool. I'm running the latest Windows 10 creators' update, v10.0.16299 - I believe this only started happening after I updated to it. DrivePool is v2.2.0.852. In this instance I was working on my work PC over remote desktop, saved a file into my DropBox folder which synced it back to my PC (located on my pool) , and it instantly crashed ntfs.sys. I also had this the other week when I was trying to save an excel file locally on my desktop (also located on my pool). If I move my DropBox folder outside my pool it works fine.
  4. I cloned it with Macrium Reflect. I've attached the error files - I'm not sure which one it would be to be honest with you so I've attached them all from that day. I've now manually re-copied everything missing back so all is good, I only just thought I'd mention it as I came across this thread when trying to figure out what happened to me. I was just a little concerned DrivePool got confused and let me eject a disk without moving any data, and most importantly didn't tell me it hadn't moved anything. Cheers. ErrorReports.zip
  5. For what it's worth, if it's worth it, this happened to me last night when I moved my OS to a new drive. When windows booted up the new drive it assigned a new drive letter to one of my pooled drives ("D") and made it "L". DrivePool showed what was formally known as "D" in my pooled disks list (and still referred to it as D) but also "L" in the non-pooled disks section. I subsequently changed the drive letter of the new partition back to "D" and ended up with it in both the pooled and non-pooled section, with the exact same name. I seem to remember when looking at my file and folde
  6. Ah, yes the partition was before my main partition. I'm sure windows warned me and I completely ignored it . I understand why you don't want to support them given their issues, I'm sure most people wouldn't need to use them anyway.
  7. By the way, this should probably be in another thread but another "bug" I spotted. I decided to remove an unused partition on one my drives so that I could extend the main partition which was already added to my pool. For whatever reason Windows decided to convert the disk from basic to dynamic when I did this and DrivePool lost all trace of the drive. I removed the missing drive from the pool but it never re-appeared under the list of available disks like I was expecting. I was a bit confused as I could still see the drive and its contents in My Computer. After a few hours of pulling my h
  8. Hi Chris, I'm really sorry for the late reply it's been one of those weeks! I think I've identified the problem, and it's not DrivePool ; well.. I believe it does have a bug which I'll explain but it wasn't the root cause of my problem: Basically despite the fact I had ~60GB free on my C partition I discovered there was a process which slowly ate away at that free space overnight by apennding to a log file. Eventually I ended up with a 60GB log file and 0KB free on my C partition. As soon as this happens the DrivePool UI bombs out, but I can still read/write to my pool. Even once the p
  9. akiller

    Sync software

    I (and many others I'm sure) use RoboCopy - it already comes installed on your PC. Here's a batch command I use to backup my users folder off a PC to my server. robocopy "d:\users" "\\serv\p$\Backup\Server\Users" /MIR /S /MT /R:1 /W:1 d:\users - source \\serv.. - destination (my pool drive) /MIR - mirror source to destination /S - Copy subfolders (you might not need this with /MIR actually) /MT - Multithreaded copying /R:1 - If unable to access a file, only retry once (default is 1 million) /W:1 - If unable to access a file, wait 1 second before retrying (default is 30) As I'm mirrorin
  10. Hi all, I believe this may be the root cause of a number of issues on my server. DrivePool appears to lose connection to its service despite the fact the service is running. I'm assuming it uses port 27525 for communication and I'm unable to manually telnet to that either. I've tried manually stopping/starting the service and that doesn't help. If you see the attached screenshot it was attempting to do this for over 12 hours. The only way I can get around it is via a reboot, however I seem to have have to flip the power off because it just gets stuck at the "rebooting" stage once this
  11. Good to hear, thanks for your input . Obviously I appreciate this is entirely my risk and you guys wouldn't recommend doing it!
  12. Hi Chris, I understand the risk when the pool is not available if all users were on it which is why I thought I'd leave the administrator account sat on my root install. If DrivePool was uninstalled, broke, or unavailable I would still be able to login as an administrator to fix things or login via the recovery console: I'd only temporarily lose access to my pooled user profiles which is fine. With this in mind, from a DrivePool point of view my idea shouldn't necesarily cause anything to blow up should it? DrivePool clearly loads and is available before user login otherwise I wouldn't
  13. Hi, I'm currently evaluating DrivePool to figure out if it's for me. So far, things are looking very positive. The flexibility compared to Storage Spaces and the newly added folder placement feature are exactly what I need . One thing I would like to do however is to place my user accounts on a pool for redundancy. I know i can redirect documents and things easily within Windows, but this doesn't include AppData and all the other special folders. My plan is to keep the administrator acount on my root install so if the pool's not available I can still login. I created a user acc
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