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  1. So i had a disk fail a while ago (3TB)... I really havnt paid to much attention to DP in the last year. it was just running more or less... Since the drive was failing, i removed it from the pool and it started measuring. (still doing it as i type this) Now after it's done i plan to add the new drive (8TB). )or should I do that right now? My question is in there a LOG that I can see somewhere when the last successful file duplication check was? Just making sure i haven't lost anything. WIth 10TB complete pool it's hard to see by just checking through the files... A
  2. Yeah I am looking at a 8 TB actually. instead of a 6 even... It's like 25$ more
  3. well I have always just bought pairs off drives... I am carfeull with how drivepool works and if it have any quirks... I have used this for years now, but have not really paid to much attention to it in the last 2-3 years, so i just dont remember if there is anything i have to be carefull about. I just have to many disk that are getting older... Need to reduce disks and replace the one that seems damaged
  4. Hey, I have a setup with like a four 3 TB Drives mirrored. and a few 2 TB disks I was wondering since one of them failed and i have a total of 12 disks.... (Yes, my rig is too full) Can I replace 2x3 TB disks with one 6TB disk for now... and then at some point change another set of 2x3 TB disk when i have some more $$$ Thanks Alex
  5. Thank you. do you have a comment on: on another note... I am not using a server platform but WIN 8. Any other software suggestions (freeware preferred)
  6. ok.... so.... here an update... I synced as much as i could Raid0 from main computer with Photos drive old (slowley failing) to photo drive new.... (with the intention of later removing the old failing one and add a second new one for duplication) Now i could sync most of it, but i keptr getting fails becasue of I/O errors... So I decided to let 95% sync be good enough (I still have the good original on the Raid0 on main PC to complete the last 5%) disconnected the old drive and put in the new drive. ok... added it to the pool... and well it seemed to start to copy.... My intention wa
  7. alexwick

    Sync software

    hey guys... Robo copy looks to "manual" for me... I have used synctoy for a while... Dont remember why i stopped... Then i use(ed) Good sync... what seems to be good.... BUT maybe it has TOO MANY options... I try to be simple...! I just want My folder Photos/2014 to be synced from my main PC (from a Raid0) to my Fileserver PC which is using Drivepool.... My photos and videos will be loaded to my main PC and should be replicated... either with a push of a button or every evening... I just started trying free file sync... which i actually like so far... But I will still
  8. alexwick

    Sync software

    Hey, I am ideally looking for a easy sync software that is free.... I have a raid0 on my main PC for editing video and Photos. It syncs to my Media Drives on my HTPC as backup. What is the best way to just sync (mostly one way) from this main pc to the HTPC, so over network?
  9. I think this is very IMPORTANT INFO to understand the concept, and makes me feel much better... It should be better explained in the product description! so everything will be stored in the SAME FOLDER STRUCTURE.... I didnt know this until you explained it... and would have felt much safer to migrate... if explained in the product description. That being said, I understand that the whole concept isnt to easy to break down....
  10. I converted the second one to basic disk... but I found a tool that lets me keep the contend. how does it know what to delete? Lets say i have a file 10 times on my disks... how does it know that i want it deleted of drive A for example. SO only if a file is in the same location it counts as a duplicate...?!?
  11. This is what i have done... ho long should the duplication check and duplication take? it is hanging around 78% for a while now... Read error 0.4% reallocated sector counts seem to be the main ones. I cannot RMA it its out of warranty. This Disk that is failing is also duplicated on my main computer as Raid0
  12. ok, can someone please help me out? I have the first raid1 disk imported under drive pool.... should i just add the second one, and DP will see that i have 2 files which are the same and wont start a new "duplication" ? How does the duplication of DP work... ? If i have folder duplication active... will DP scan all files in the pool and check if duplicates exist and if they do it will not take action, and if no duplicate is found it will create one. Would it delete files that are present i.e. 5 times if i only have duplication active? If so which files will it delete? Please hel
  13. Remember it's dynamic disks... i could not add the array! Well the point is not to backup... because if i backup i could just copy it... (what essentially a backup is.. lol) anyways.... i have one disk successfully integrated... now i have the duplicate disk (second one of the old raid1). since i want to have 2 copies in drivepool, what is also here the easiest way? just add the 2nd to the pool and it will see that we have 2 copies and all is good? or how do you suggest to add the second disk? In addition... So every pool has ONE drive letter? and ion order to really have th
  14. I did break the Raid, but they both still show up as dynamic discs which i cant add... how can i convert the to basic discs without data loss?
  15. what is the best way to migrate the raid 1, so that i dont have to build the duplication...?
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