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  1. Installed the new version yesterday and now it does not crash when saving in Office programs. So the problem seems fixed. Thank you for quick assistance. Best regards Kristian
  2. Thanks. I will try and update this evening. Best regards Kristian
  3. The memory test has been completed and no errors has been found. Summary from the test below. Result summary Test Start Time 2017-05-06 17:00:59 Elapsed Time 9:16:48 Memory Range Tested 0x0 - 86F000000 (34544MB) CPU Selection Mode Single: CPU # 0 # Tests Passed48/48 (100%) Test # Tests Passed Errors Test 0 [Address test, walking ones, 1 CPU] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 1 [Address test, own address, 1 CPU] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 2 [Address test, own address] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 3 [Moving inversions, ones & zeroes] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 4 [Moving inversions, 8-bit pattern] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 5 [Moving inversions, random pattern] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 6 [block move, 64-byte blocks] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 7 [Moving inversions, 32-bit pattern] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 8 [Random number sequence] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 9 [Modulo 20, ones & zeros] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 10 [bit fade test, 2 patterns, 1 CPU] 4/4 (100%) 0 Test 13 [Hammer test] 4/4 (100%) 0 Best regards Kristian
  4. Thanks. Downloaded Passmark Memtest86 v7.3 and it has been running tests on the HyperX modules for the last 3 1/2 hours without any errors found. On its second pass now. So doesn't look like memory error. Best regards Kristian
  5. Hi Christopher Thank you for your reply. I have both 2 x 16 GB Kingston HyperX modules and also 4 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance. The error happens with both types of memory. I have reproduced the error with only the HyperX installed and with a combination af 2 x HyperX and 2 x Vengeance. Is there a memory tester you can recommend me trying and a specific test? Best regards Kristian
  6. Hi again Unfortunately with the new beta version the computer still crashes when I try to save a file in Word or Excel directly in a drivepool. If i save it on another drive and copy it via explorer to the drivepool, then no problem. I have used your Troubleshooter tool and submitted the data to you. Best regards Kristian
  7. Hi Christopher The version currently installed is beta. I will try and download the recommended beta and let you know if that helps with the issue. Best regards Kristian
  8. Hi. Hope someone here can help me. I am running a fairly new computer: Intel Core i5-6600K on Asus Z170-Deluze 48 GB RAM Disks: Samsung M.2 for OS, Western Digital 3.5" for data. Windows 10 (build 16184). DrivePool ver BETA. Bitlocker on all disks. I have two DrivePools volumes. One with 5 drives and one with only 1 drive. I also run Stablebit Scanner saying all drives are healthy, When ever I try to save a file in Excel, Word etc. to one of the two pools, then my computer crashes with green screen and stop code: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION what failed: NTFS.SYS. If I give a disk in each of the drivepools a direct drive letter and tries to save in Word, Excel etc. to the disks directly. Then there are no issues. This makes me believe it is a DrivePool problem. The problem has arrived in resent weeks/months. Anyone have experienced something like this? Best regards Kristian
  9. Thanks for the link. I might have misunderstood the folder placement feature, but to me that is a different thing from what i would like to be able to do. Control over general folder placementvs. Control over what disk to use for duplication. Or perhaps this could be a sub-feature of the folder placement feature?
  10. Hi. I have an idea for a feature that I would like to be added to DP in the future. I use 2x and 3x Folder Duplication on some of my folders containing some of the more important stuff. I would like the ability to manually specify one of the disks used for folder duplication on a per "folder duplication"-level. This way I could have one disk, that I use as my main duplication disk, so it would contain a copy of all the files from the folders I choose. This way I would know that this disk is my high priority disk containing a copy of all my important files across the duplicated folders. This could be a USB Drive or iSCSI volume to get some hardware location security also. I hope it makes sense. And if not, is there another way to achieve this? Thank you for a great product. Best regards Kristian
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