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Remove Drive from Pool





I am new to this kind of software but am really excited to try things out.


I set up a drive pool with 2 x 2TB and 1 x 1TB drives.

All works great. I set a couple of folders to automatically duplicate.

Thats the feature I really plan to use.


Now I want to replace the 1TB with another 2TB drive. I formated the 2TB and added it to the pool.

then I told the Drivepool software to remove the 1TB drive (it holds duplicated and not duplicated files)


The software stated that it is "removing disk" - I thought "great" and went to sleep.


Next morning the software says "remeasuring" but to my surprise the 1 TB drive is still shown in the pool?


What do I miss? How can I safely remove the 1TB disk without losing files? There is enough space (new 2TB drive)


Happy to get a hint on how to remove. (maybe there is also a faster way to arvchive that? Just moving files from hidden folder?)




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Hi Shane,


no the PC didn´t reboot. After a while Drivepool complained about an "inconsistency". Guess it is a couple of encrypted files which make problems here.


After I rebooted and restarted the drivepool software, it says "checking pool" and the pool is really nicely organized across 4 disks. Only thing, the 1TB disk still holds 93 gb of unduplicated files (plus lots of duplicated content) and is part of the pool.


No worries, this is only my playground and I think of just pulling the plug and using my backup. Just wanted to know how to remove the disk without worrying to lose files.


Thanks for your reply,


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Unfortunately, this does sometimes happen.

Especially when it has to move a LOT of files out of the pool.


Could you grab the error reports and open a ticket at http://stablebit.com/Contact ?

WHS2011: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Error_Reports

Windows: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Error_Reports



Also, the best way is as doug says. Use the File Placement Limiter to clear out the drive. That will cause DrivePool to empty it, and to avoid using it at all. Once that's done, you should be able to remove the drive in seconds.

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