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Measuring the entire pool at every boot?


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1 hour ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

That would be normal, actually. 

As for "unauthorized" changes, the issue is how that would be tracked.  It basically leads into the same issue.  And it's not just that it's checking the one disk, but it needs to compare the duplicated contents to make sure they match, too.

@Christopher (Drashna), yes, I know that my DrivePool is working as it should. And if there are any corrupt files found, I am glad that DrivePool does a complete re-check. I was trying to compare my satisfaction with DrivePool in contrast to my frustrations I had with Windows Storage Spaces. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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Ah, okay, I missed that part! 

Also, "fun" fact, the repair mechanism in Storage Spaces requires ReFS, and I believe that the integrity checking for Storage Spaces is only enabled on critical file system data (not the whole drive).  So ... yay....

Also, we definitely recommend having StableBit Scanner (or something similar) on the system, as that will detect and let you know if there are issues on the drives, including read errors.  It's not quite "repair", but it will use the balancing system of StableBit DrivePool to evacuate the data off of problem drives. 

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