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Assigning Folder To A Drive


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Not exactly.

If you use the "Ordered File Placement" balancer plug-in, you can configure it in such a way that it should do that:




This plug-in changes StableBit DrivePool's default file placement strategy.


By default, StableBit DrivePool always places new files onto the disk with the most free space. This tends to

equalize the amount of free space across all the disks in the pool.


With this plug-in, StableBit DrivePool will place new files in a way that will fill one disk at a time. Once a

disk is filled to a pre-set threshold, StableBit DrivePool will then move onto filling the next disk.


This has a number of benefits:


* Files copied at the same time will tend to be on the same disk. Because those files were copied at the same time,

it stands to reason that they might be related. It can be beneficial, in terms of file recovery, to have related

files be placed on the same disk.

* You may want StableBit DrivePool to write to one disk at a time in order to implement an efficient power savings


This may not be exactly what you want, but it may work for what you want.

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Short answer: not currently.


Longer answer: some very bright spark needs to write a DP plug-in that enables this.


Taking a third option:


Let's call your 4TB RAID 5 array "F:" and your two 3TB drives "G:" and "H:", and your pool "P:"...


Open up Explorer. Create and share a folder that we'll call "F:\MetaPool", and underneath that create two more folders.


The first we'll call "F:\MetaPool\The Folder You Want".


The second we'll call "F:\MetaPool\The Pool You Have".


Open up Disk Management. Find "P:" and right click, choose "Change Drive Letter...", choose "Add...", choose "Mount...", and browse to "The Pool You Have" that you created on "F:". Click okay until you get back Disk Management.


Congratulations, you now have a shared folder called "MetaPool" that contains both "The Pool You Have" and "The Folder You Want".


Yes, it's true that "The Folder You Want" isn't actually _in_ your pool, but since you only want the files in that folder to be on the array....


Disadvantages: files in "The Folder You Want" can't benefit from the features of DrivePool, such as feeder disks and duplication.

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And then there's taking a fourth option!

Create a second pool. Add the 4TB array to it.

On one of your drives (other than your pool drive), create and share a folder called "MetaPool" (or whatever).


Under it, create a folder for each of your pools, e.g. "Pool 1", "Pool 2". Use the Disk Management utility to add each as a mount path for its corresponding pool.


Congratulations, you now have multiple pools all under one shared folder.


Pros: files in the array's pool can benefit from DrivePool features.

cons: the capacity of the 4TB array can't be shared with your first pool since multiple pools can't share space on a physical drive.

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Thanks for the replies. I decided since RAID 5 is for resiliency rather than backup I'd create another folder. I use SyncToy to sync the 8.71 TB My Videos Folder on my Server to the My Videos Folder on my main computer for backup. I had to create another folder because the videos in this folder originate on the main computer rather than the server so I'm syncing in the opposite direction.

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