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  1. I'm running Kaspersky Internet Security & Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I did have some corruption due to a bad memory module when I first performed my clean install. I was unable to reinstall Norton Internet Security. Everything else is functioning properly. I'm afraid to uninstall DrivePool with my Mediasonic HP1-SU3 USB3 card and two CineRAID CR-H458 boxes. They can be very temperamental.
  2. If nobody else is having problems that's great. It's probably something with my machine. I'm to the point now if I try to install software and it doesn't work, I remove it and move on. StableBit DrivePool does what I need so I'm happy.
  3. I accidentally posted this under Scanner instead of DrivePool. Can you please move this for me? I'm running a clean install of Windows 8.1 Pro w/Hyper-V and DrivePool ver. 2,0,0,420. I was notified of an update today. After installing the update my computer hung on the Windows desktop. I booted into Safe Mode and disabled all services except for Microsoft. My system booted successfully. Luckily, I created a restore point before installing the new driver. I restored my system and I'm back to normal. I was unable to find any logs or error reports related to the problem. Has anybody else expe
  4. Everything looks good except I was unable to expand the C: Drive partition using Disk Manager. I had to download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition 5.2.
  5. Why does it work fine when I reverse the position of the drives? Both drives are Seagate ST3000DM001's. Believe it or not when I reversed the drives they were recognized by the DrivePool this time.
  6. I have a drive activity light that stays on all the time on my USB3 RAID Tower caused by a defective hard drive. I swapped the drive with a drive in my other DrivePool that's inside my Mid-Tower Case to correct the problem. When copying files between the two pools my transfer speeds went from 160-100 MB/s to 40-20 MB/s. When speeds are 160-100 MB/s DrivePool 1 are all in USB3 RAID Tower and DrivePool 2 are in ESATA3 RAID Tower and one drive on ASMedia SATA3. So I'm using both of the ASMedia SATA3 ports. When transfer speeds are 40-20 MB/s DrivePool 1 has three drives in USB3 RAID Tower and
  7. Don't try and connect two CineRAID CR-H458 4-Bay Portable RAID Towers to ASRock Extreme4 motherboard ASMedia USB3 controller. While using SyncToy to sync 9TB of data between the two, DrivePools kept dropping out. Finally attached one of the RAID Towers to ASMedia ESATA3 and it fixed the problem. Don't use the ASMedia SATA3 driver on the ASRock website with Windows 8. It doesn't support port multiplication and locks the system up during restart. I downloaded ver. form another site and it worked perfectly. I used a system restore point to get my system back to the original ASMedia U
  8. OMG Installing the Windows Update Asmedia driver was a BIG mistake. I thought I'd never get the system working again. Problem surfaced while using SyncToy to sync files between two pools. Used a system restore point to get it back to the original Asmedia driver. I'm having another issue. I'll submit a ticket.
  9. How about backing up the Store directory in case I have a situation where Scanner locks up and won't load and I have to delete the Store directory to get it running again? When you have 12 hard drives it would be nice not to have to scan them all over again.
  10. Are you referring to making a backup of the Store directory or the entire computer? If I backup the Store directory and have a problem later. Can I delete the files in the Store directory and restore my backed up Store directory files and be up and running again?
  11. Technogod

    File System check

    I had this same problem. Close StableBit Scanner. Delete files in C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Store. Open Scanner. Scanner will rescan your drives. You'll have to reenter your license key and reconfigure your settings.
  12. I got it running. Installed latest Asmedia USB3 driver included in Windows Updates. Then Asmedia USB3 wouldn't work at all. Uninstalled Asmedia driver which was conflicting with the Microsoft driver. Asmedia USB3 started working. Installed StableBit Scanner Scanner started working and locked up while I was editing settings. Rebooted, Scanner locked up. Uninstalled Scanner. Reinstalled Scanner. Now everything is working. Go figure.
  13. Since I'm using Windows 8 Pro to run my WHS 2011 as a VM I'm hesitant to perform much troubleshooting. I need to have the Server running 24/7. Everything runs rock solid without StableBit Scanner so I will probably stop using it.
  14. When you tried to replicate the problem did you have external storage devices with multiple hard drives connected via USB3?
  15. Doesn't happen if service is stopped. Windows 8 Pro. It appears that when Acronis opens it looks at all the active partitions on the system. It's never able to access the partitions of the drives connected via USB3. Scanner had been locking up intermittently. The last time it locked up it never recovered. Stuck on initializing. Deleted store directory and it started working again. Acronis still locked up when loading.
  16. Can you try doing some testing on your end with Acronis True Image 2014? When I try to open Acronis True Image 2014 while StableBit Scanner is open it hangs. I do have a complex system. Two CineRAID CR-H458 4-Bay Portable RAID Towers attached via USB3. Five SATA Drives connected to Intel Controller and two drives connected to Asmedia Controller. One of the CR-H458 is RAID 5 and the other is Single Drives. I have two Drive Pools using StableBit DrivePool.
  17. I tried adjusting the Standby Timer and it caused problems with my system. Drives wouldn't wake up. Drives missing from DrivePool. I finally deleted the Store directory data and now everything is fine. From what I've seen Seagate ST3000DM001-9YN166 were never able to be put into Standby. Seagate STM3000DM001-1CH166 were put into Standby but never woke up and caused missing drives from the DrivePool. I have several other different drives that go into standby and wake up fine without any tweaking of StableBit Scanner. They are ST2000DM001-9YN164, WD10EADS-11M2B1 and ST315003-41AS. After reading
  18. Thanks for the replies. I decided since RAID 5 is for resiliency rather than backup I'd create another folder. I use SyncToy to sync the 8.71 TB My Videos Folder on my Server to the My Videos Folder on my main computer for backup. I had to create another folder because the videos in this folder originate on the main computer rather than the server so I'm syncing in the opposite direction.
  19. I have a Windows 8 DrivePool composed of a 4TB RAID 5 array and two 3TB drives. Can I configure all files in a specific folder to be located on the 4TB RAID 5 array?
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