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  1. Banksf

    File System check

    Sorry for the delay. The WHS log is to big for the ticket system. Split the Zip or just some of the logs?
  2. Banksf

    File System check

    I don't know if I should start a new post but, yesterday at 3:11 pm I got a "disk is failing (smart)" message and at 6:29 I got a "sector unreadable" message. Stablebit in WHS2011 says all drives are health and looking at the drives individually shows no errors.
  3. Banksf

    File System check

    Yes, the same drive. 500 gb Western Digital system drive, Physical Drive 0. It seems to be getting information from somewhere else. I was thinking of deleting all the server event viewer files and resetting the scanner settings again. Is any relevant info stored in User Appdata?
  4. Banksf

    File System check

    I sent in the requested files last night. I then deleted all the files in the server C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner directory (Actually the "Service" directory and 3 sub-directories) and rebooted. The program was still there, but I needed to put in my license. All drives showed unchecked. Today, all the drives show health, except the attached USB system backup drive. The problem drive shows healthy, but the file system still shows unchecked and the Alert Viewer still says that "A file system needs to be repaired" (Date and time are still 10/9/13 4:29am).. and directs me to Stablebit to repair it. All the other internal drives show healthy with file systems checked.
  5. Banksf

    File System check

    Ok I set the scanner settings to scan the file system ever 1 day. The 3 partitions on the drive still show unchecked and I still have the file system alert. I reviewed the event log for CHKDSK and it completed successfully on the 10th. any sugesstions other than deleting all the store files?
  6. Banksf

    File System check

    I ran "chkdsk" which found some problems and fixed them. Manually scanning only scans the sectors, not the file system. Could it be that because there are three partitions, one which has no drive letter, something is confused?
  7. Banksf

    File System check

    Is there any way to force a recheck of the file system. I marked all the sectors as unchecked and the file system as unchecked. I then rechecked the drive. That ran sucessfully, but the file system is still unchecked. The disk is listed as healthy. I did change the settings for the scanner to check every day. Maybe it will check all the file systems tomorrow. I really don't want to delete everything and start over.
  8. Banksf

    File System check

    I get an alert viewer message that " A file system need to be repaired" All drives show as healthy, but the system drive shows that " At least one file system on this drive has not been checked for errors" The drive is formatted as a 60GB drive C: and a 406gb drive D:. The file systems shown by StableBit are 100mb with no drive, the 60GB drive C: & the 406GB drive D:. The file systems on the 100MB and 406GB partitions show as being checked but the 60 GB partition does not. I manually forced all three to be unchecked and the checked but I can't get the error to go away. I also manually ran checkdisk on drive C:. I followed the directions in the Alert Viewer but that did not get me to anywhere to run repair within StableBit. I tried to recheck the drive, but it runs for less than a minute and goes back to healthy with out checking the unchecked file system.
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