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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, I had a really odd error that has left one of my pools not working correctly. I shit my system down as per normal and when i bought it back up, Drivepool sent me an error saying a disk was missing. The disk appeared in Disk Management but was not initialised. So I shut down and checked the connections, and rebooted a couple of times and the drive came back up, Drivepool found it and subsumed it back into the pool. However, whenever I try and write to the pool, or the individual drive that disappeared and came back, I get the windows error: Catastrophic Failure (Error 0x8000FF
  2. I have a PC with a few pools. I need to destroy one of those pools, so I can re-allocate some of its drives to a different pool. Data is already backed up. I would not want to remove drives one by one using GUI, as that is very time consuming. How can one destroy a pool without first removing each individual drive? Is there a command line API that allows that?
  3. Had a set of drives with Stabebit Drive Pool on them. Just for your Info really. I had backed them up a a group and on an individual way because of the sizes of the JOBD set in my ProBox. When I looked into it further I discovered an overlooked item. Seems when DrivePool is fresh and few files are there all is fine. When I used the Ordered File Placement to rotate my drives is when the problem crops up. Drivepool does not check and delete all empty directories when the drive is at the bottom. It just creates a new empty folder in the upper pool I have found
  4. Jaga

    Read only pools

    Trying to get fully up to speed on drive removal, missing drives, workarounds, read-only pools, etc. Was this tag deprecated or retired? I can't seem to find it or anything similar in the .json file for Drivepool 2.X.
  5. Hello, So there was a power outage today, the UPS shutdown the VM host which the has a 2012 R2 VM that runs Drive Pool, The Drive pool is made up of one local drive and 2 iscsi shares to seperate Netgear NAS systems All on the UPS However once the power came back on and everything booted i was greeted with the attached picture showing the 900GB drive completely empty. in drive pool it was showing the drive as normal but now 200mb/900GB used. The other drive im still waiting to come back up from disk scanning, Running Recuva i can see the files are infact stil
  6. Hey Guys - Over the past few years, the size of my pool has grown dramatically in size where I'm getting to the point where upgrading requires going from 4tb disks to 8tb ones instead of adding a new disk. The pool is in my primary PC (specs below) which I use for everything you can imagine including work, gaming, VMs, personal web hosting, scripting, and more. I'd really like to have the pool offloaded from this PC to another device. Unfortunately, I'd probably have to sell my truck to afford an 11 disk NAS or similar enterprise-level device. As I still have another case, I'm
  7. Hello, Can I mix NTFS and ReFS drives in my pool ? I am using Drivepool version 2.2 beta.
  8. Good Morning - Wasn't sure if this was to go in the Scanner or Drivepool forum, so please adjust if needed... I've got a 40.3tb drive pool comprised of 11 disks which I've used for the past couple of years. It's worked great, but do have a small issue. Alongside using Stablebit DrivePool to manage the pool, all drives are monitored via StableBit Scanner. Recently, one of the pooled drives (4tb standard disk) started showing a "File System Damage" error. I think I know what is causing this as recent scans using Treesize indicated 4 folders which couldn't be located and if I try to
  9. Hey Guys - A couple of years ago, I started building my pool and have only added to it since. Currently, it's 32tb in total size which is comprised of 11 disks (one of which is an SSD for caching.) DrivePool has worked well for me and even though experiencing an issue, is much better than what I started with - DriveBender. My partition setup is like this: - C:\ - SSD - 256gb - OS & App Installs - D:\ - Drive Pool - 32tb - Storage (Mostly media) - E:\ - Hybrid - 1tb - Game Installations & VMs It seems as the pool has grown, it's performance has decreased. Initially, I
  10. grimpr

    GPT vs MBR

    Is there any advantage using GPT vs MBR in standard storage hdd's for use in a pool?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm new here trying to do as much research as I can before purchase. I'm liking all the information I've seen on the main site,manual, and the forums/old forums. I think I've caught a little information off Reddit to push me here. I'm hoping for loads of information and maybe this will help MANY people in the long run on what to do. So first off on the topic string. I would like to use StableBit's products only. So in doing so I gathered some can's and can not's. That the Drivepool with Scanner are a pair made to secure any deal. But I'm
  12. I started using Drivepool around a month ago, gave it a good trial, moved my pool to another machine with no problems and bought the bundle. I recommended it to a friend of mine and around two weeks ago we upgraded his main drive to a SSD and pooled all his hdds as I had done mine. The clone of his OS introduced some issues so yesterday we disconnected all the hdds, did a clean install of Win 7, connected back up the hdds and installed the drivepool trial again. Drive pool saw all the drives, the pool is as it was before, but in Win Explorer its blank and gives A 'you dont currently have per
  13. Ok, so I've got 5x3Tb pool with 2x duplication on about half the folders, probably 10tb total space used. I'm having trouble where I can read a file fine from any of the original drive hidden pool folder, but the data appears corrupted when I try and use the file from the pool drive. Videos are unreadable, ISOs unmountable, etc,etc Any ideas? I'm also running data deduplication on server 2012r2 (only on source drives, not pool drive), but i thought since drivepool operated only at the file level, that would be ok. Thanks!
  14. I just wanted to know if poolpart GUID can be all the same GUID on each drive or do they have to be different?
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