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  1. Renaming the .config file works just fine
  2. Hello, I have a pool of 2 NTFS drives. I want to add a new ReFS drive. I enabled the value in the config file you specified and rebooted the system. However the UI does not list the ReFS drive in the 'Non-Pooled' list of drives. If I opt to create a new Storage Pool then the selection contains the ReFS drive. I am using version beta.
  3. Hello, Can I mix NTFS and ReFS drives in my pool ? I am using Drivepool version 2.2 beta.
  4. hyperspaced

    Lost data

    Hello, performing a sector scan in R-Studio shows that data still exists on the drive, however not visible in PoolPart.xxxx directory. I see folders with no files in them and random files missing. It's like NTFS's MFT has been destroyed. P.S. I don't suppose 2 hard drives having the same volume name plays role when moving SATA port ?
  5. hyperspaced

    Lost data

    I installed the beta. As expected it didn't do anything.
  6. hyperspaced

    Lost data

    The 3 disks have logical volume names N:, O:, P: respectively. Pool drive is G: Disk O: (the one that moved) has files missing (I know it because they don't exist in N: and P: as well). It is as is if they were deleted. So, you think downloading the new beta will help?
  7. hyperspaced

    Lost data

    Hello, I am using the latest version of your software. I have a pool of 3 hard drives. All drives are in perfect health. I moved one of the hard drives from a SATA3 port into an adjacent SATA2 port on my motherboard. My understanding is that since all data is stored on the hard drive(s), no data loss should happen, therefore I didn't remove it from the pool. I am seeing MULTIPLE files missing from the pool drive. What is going on here, and how do I fix this? Where have the files gone?
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