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  1. Thank you for your ongoing help, Thought i would post here aswell incase anyone else has had the issue Thanks ,
  2. Just like to add i haven't actually lost any files, it appears the files where on the other two drives and nothing was on that drive. Even though the last i checked files where evenly balanced over all 3, Copying the recovered files off the drive with Recuva and pasting them back onto that volume makes drivepool say they are "duplicates" So unless a drivepool update or something made it move everything off that drive recently i have no idea apart from magic, Edit just to add, all drives pass Smart tests so are fine
  3. on the screenshot
  4. Ill post the update here aswell Thanks, So something weird happen, I used Recuva and got pretty much every file off that drive, as the drive wasn't formatted or anything, the files just vanished. Copied the recovered files back onto the same drive via iSCISI on another machine (the drive pool VM was off) After that was done i turned back on the Drive pool machine, it scanned the drive and then said everything on that drive was a duplicated file, i left it for an hour and came back to the image i have attached, It has cleared the drive again BUT all my files still exist, i
  5. Hello, So there was a power outage today, the UPS shutdown the VM host which the has a 2012 R2 VM that runs Drive Pool, The Drive pool is made up of one local drive and 2 iscsi shares to seperate Netgear NAS systems All on the UPS However once the power came back on and everything booted i was greeted with the attached picture showing the 900GB drive completely empty. in drive pool it was showing the drive as normal but now 200mb/900GB used. The other drive im still waiting to come back up from disk scanning, Running Recuva i can see the files are infact stil
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