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  1. This comment by Christopher is what I was looking for, Many thanks to Christopher and Umfriend.
  2. Thanks, I thought about the same lines, so yesterday I tried to do just that. After a while DrivePool became unresponsive. I tried rebooting, then resetting settings, to no avail. After that, I tried to deactivate license, then uninstall + Reinstall DrivePool. From that moment Explorer started crashing every time I tried to access it. I completely uninstalled DrivePool (and Scanner, just to be safe), but Explorer kept crashing. I ended up having to reformat boot drive and reinstall windows on that PC. Now I am wary of touching a drive managed by DrivePool. I would rather
  3. According to the manual, this feature is not available at the moment. I am submitting it as feature request to Support, as it is quite useful.
  4. I have a PC with a few pools. I need to destroy one of those pools, so I can re-allocate some of its drives to a different pool. Data is already backed up. I would not want to remove drives one by one using GUI, as that is very time consuming. How can one destroy a pool without first removing each individual drive? Is there a command line API that allows that?
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