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  1. Windows 10 pro Version 2004 Build 1904.685 Window Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.5510 Was going to try to recreate the incident but I am leary as I have a LOT of info on the drives and I got all the partitions back and seem to be solid. Will check to see if it is only Drive related some time this week. I.e. Identify only 1 partition on the drive to see if it comes in.
  2. Maybe due to an update with Win 10 Pro. Drivepool no longer can find my drives unless they are assigned a drive letter. Although this is not a problem with system with a little number of drives but at one time I had made partitions 1 for the solid data and 1 for the backup on the same drive. I changed my program but this may need to be looked into. My scheme was this. I made 27 partitions 1 for the letters of the alphabet and 1 for Numbers. My system worked great for many years using Win 7 Pro and I only moved to Win 10 Pro several months back.
  3. Another thing to consider is with each checkmark on the options the system will execute them. If you set the all at defaults it will work fine but change one plugin and not the others you may get problems. Think of if this way. Each plugin is looked at according to its place in the list and if it is checked or not. Ordered File placement does one thing and it does it well. I love it. If you have several drives in your system, you can keep your drives always refreshing your data by rolling the data. Only 2 things need to be checked at all if you want just Ordered File Placement. I have mine just like this. 1. Ordered File Placement 2. All In One 3. Stablebit Scanner This one works great for me and Once a week, I move an empty drive upward on Ordered file placement to move files to the new empty drive. Hope that helps
  4. Had a set of drives with Stabebit Drive Pool on them. Just for your Info really. I had backed them up a a group and on an individual way because of the sizes of the JOBD set in my ProBox. When I looked into it further I discovered an overlooked item. Seems when DrivePool is fresh and few files are there all is fine. When I used the Ordered File Placement to rotate my drives is when the problem crops up. Drivepool does not check and delete all empty directories when the drive is at the bottom. It just creates a new empty folder in the upper pool I have found thousands of empty folder strings from my long use. I would not have looked into if if my system hadn't baulked at moving a 20GB section to a drive that had 3.4 TB of free space. I deduced that the system had become bogged down with all those empty directories on the drive. When I used a program that would look for all empty directories on the drives and removed them. Then allowed Drivepool to remeasure and recaculate. The problem was fixed. I also saw a great decrease in memory usage and faster speed. I only acknowledge this because I am running Win7 Pro and I am sure all know of the EOL in Jan 2020. Thanks
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