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    File placement

    Hi Think I know what the problem is the way a see a file placement rule would be I select my music folder select drive 1 all the files would be placed on that drive all the duplicated files placed on the other 13 drives. however what it seems to do is place half the main files and half the duplicated files on drive 1 spreading the other halfs over the rest of the drives at least that is what the chart is telling me Telling it to use 2 drives solves this half and half on each drive it also gets rid of the warning I have but either way means it has to wake up more that 1 drive to say play a music album which defeats the object in my opinion. I don't think the file placement should even take into account the duplicated files apart from makeing sure none are the drive you want to use Maybe Alex has some input on this Lee
  2. lee1978

    File placement

    Hi Chris Yes duplication is on and the rule is in the balancing section under file placement I just clicked on the music folder selected drive 1 only and clicked save then did rebalance it chugs away a little while but when it stops I get that warning I will sort the logs later when I get home from work
  3. lee1978

    File placement

    Hi, Ok having made the jump to drivepool 2x from v1 I seem to have a little snag. I set up a file placement rule for my music folder so it is all on 1 drive I have had problems with drives sleeping then having to be woke to play the next track on an album anyway having done that simple enough. I hit the rebalance button it seems to do its stuff but now I get a warning saying "74.1gb could not be moved because a suitable destination could not be found. Make sure that you have enough disk space in order to satisfy your file placent rules and that they're not conflicting with other balancing settings. Well I am stumped the drive I want it all on has 350gb of space which is plenty I haven't alterd any other settings since I installed v2 so I am stumped. Lee
  4. Hi no problem just glad to help I got my card from xcase port multiplyer and a high point card from scan. Co.uk my setup is listed in the hardware section tho I have updated a few items it's basically the same I think in total useing a daisy change system I can connect upto 256 drives if I wish but I doubt I will ever need more than the 24 my storage array holds
  5. Hi If you are using splitter cables off 1 rail to power 24 drives your in risk of shorting out all your drives under heavy load most new power supply's provide 4 rails 2 sata 2 molex which then can be used to spread to load across the psu. what your doing is like using 4 6 way power adapters from 1 wall socket and wondering why your tv goes of when you turn the washing machine on. if your current psu only has 1 molex/sata rail then indeed a new power supply is needed mine is 750watt modular psu and supports 2/sata rails which have 5 connectors on each then 2 molex/rails with 4 connectors of each tho I don't use them all as my case uses 4way backplanes
  6. Hi the link for the file placement addin would allow you to specify which drives are used for duplication and which are not that said by doing so May put extra stress on the sata controller has it's going to accessed a lot since it's going to hold all your data while the drives connected to the motherboard will mainly be used for duplicated data I have 37tb of data stored on my pool I just let drivepool do it's stuff if the controller fails I'll lose access to it all until I replace it if your that worried about uptime buy a replacement sata card just in case a 4port sata controller are about £20 on eBay so it's not a huge expense for your piece of mind where mine is 36 port controller and cost's £400 so I'd rather keep my money in my pocket for now.
  7. Hi I have had a similar problem in the past and it was due to a faulty connector (molex were the worst with pins getting pushed out of the connectors) and it was crashing the card the drives where connected to and resulted in me losing 2drives also check how many drives you have connected to each output lead on the power supply it could be they are two many drives connected to 1 feed. A failing or underpowered psu can also cause the same faults.
  8. Hi What I normally do when I add new hard drives is make sure they are unformatted (delete volume disk management) then add it to the server and let drivepool pick up the drive and just follow the on screen instructions. I have never had a problem doing it that way and I have used drivepool since beta I currently have 8 3tb drives and 7 2tb drives connected and replaced 4 drives over the years using the above method.
  9. lee1978

    Bad Sector

    Ok but then wouldn't it be quicker for both copies of the file to be moved into separate folders on say the desktop and let the user decide which to keep what I am getting at is scanner has been chugging away for 3 days trying to recover 1 damaged file to which there is a perfect working copy in duplication is that not the whole point of duplication incase of situations like this. What I am trying to get at it is the file is duplicated so why spend 3 days trying to recover it when there is a good copy or am I missing something Lee
  10. Hi Short and sweet answer is yes to all your questions
  11. lee1978

    Bad Sector

    Ok one of my drives picked up a bad sector yesterday. when I logged on to scanner it directed me to check file system to which it found 1 file with 6% damage. ok all's well I have backups and all my server files are duplicated but then it directed me to recover the file to which it has been trying to do very slowly for the last 48hrs what I don't get is why if all my files are duplicated why does not just delete the damaged file and re duplicate the good copy this just seems a long way round to fix the problem. Any thoughts Lee
  12. Hi Been thinking of upgradeing from wh2011 to essentials 2012 does anybody know where to get a cheap copy or have a spare copy they want to sell have looked on the net even eBay and all I can find it for is around £300 Thx Lee
  13. lee1978

    Drivepool v2

    Hi, When will the new functions of v2 be ported to the whs2011 version v1 or when will v2 be fully integrated to whs2011. I ask because i looked at upgrading from whs2011 to essentials but it seems very over complicated and my 36TB server runs perfect so why rock the boot however some of the new functions of drivepool would be useful but i like the full dashboard integration v1 provides. Lee
  14. Check your power connections make sure all the pins are intact I had a similar problem when 1 of my connections on a lead was faulty I would also power it all down and give it all a good clean sometimes connections can get a little grubby and don't always make a sound connection. It is very rare for leads to become faulty once a sound connection has been made unless they get bent or knocked by accident there cheap enough to replace so its worth trying
  15. Hi I can help with a few question's first if all your license will transfer between all versions of dp/scanner. As for dashboard speed on wh11 it's not the addins that cause the dashboard to go slow its just the way it is its more of a Microsoft issue than anything else. I have tried v2 of drivepool and didn't really notice any change in how dp works from v1 so for me I am sticking with v1 for now the only you would get is you don't need to use the dashboard so from that point of view it will be quicker. That said give it go you can always roll back to v1 if you don't like it Lee
  16. Hi Yes some software can run from the pool I install games and software on the server pool and run them from my desktop or laptop without any problems but not all software likes it but it does work Lee
  17. lee1978

    Recycle bin

    My original install goes back to the first beta version and I have just updated it every time a new version comes out am I one of the lucky few that has never realy sufferd any problems the odd glitch now and then but otherwise it has has run very stable. My only gripe with it is when a drive starts to go bad it's near impossible to work on the server to find the culprit or run any diagnostic software on it normally they need to be pulled and put in another machine to find out what's wrong or wheather they can be fixed maybe its a little bit to keen on bad drives Lee
  18. lee1978

    Recycle bin

    Is there any chance we can have this added to pool I just deleted something by mistake and poof it's gone forever a bit annoying tbh Lee Never mind having looked for 10 mins found for some reason the bin had 0 mb allocated for it change it and its working fine
  19. lee1978

    New ups

    Hi Finally got my hands on a cheap ups Apc smart ups rt 5000xl in mint condition just under 2years old bargin of the year eBay £103 with network crd all the leads and rckmount kit. Ok it's installed in my rack batteries are fully charged now before I connect it to my server is there anything I should know I have it connected to my network and installed all the software and the server talks to it just fine is there anything I need to know before I go live with it Also will it consume much power I.e is my electric bill going to go through the roof Lee
  20. Hi Have you checked all the drives for errors the last time I had 1 go bad I couldn't even get into the dashboard and I also sufferd freezing of windows when trying to access the drive I had to pull 1 drive at a time until I got the system to boot then I once I found the bad drive I put it in another machine ran chkdsk and scanner drive had 34 bad sectors. Even if not pull all the drives then add 1 at a time see how far it gets you never know
  21. Hi Have you tried deleting the index and start again that way also make sure the pool drive is selected for indexing might work worth a shot at this stage it can take a while tho to rebuild the index Lee
  22. Hi I had the same problem once 3 drives started dropping out and gaining about 30 bad sectors each time they did after many hours of searching it turned out 1 of the wires in the molex connector had come lose and as such was shorting out the the drives that were connected to it so as Drashna's says check the psu and all the connectors if any drives have become damaged rma them and they will get replaced that's what I did
  23. This is my setup: Rackmount KVM: ServView 17 Enterprise 16 port KVMSwitch: Netgear ProSafe 24Port G/bit switch JGS524UPS: ​APC Smart UPS 3000Main Computer: ​RM206 Pro 2U Asus Crosshair VI Hero Amd Ryzen 1700x 16Gb DDR4 2666Mhz HyperX Noctua NH-L9a Low Profile Cooler​ Corsair H5 SFF AMD R9 Nano Samsung 960 EVO M.2 250GB Samsung Evo 250GB Sata3 SSD 3TB Toshiba Storage Drive 1000 2U Psu 80+ Gold 1x Dell Touchscreen 19" 1080p ​ 1X LG 34" 21.9 UltraWide 2x Acer 19" 1080p Windows 10 PRO Server: RM208 Pro 2U Asus F2A85-V Pro Amd A10 5800k APU 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz GSkill Lsi Logic 9207-4i4e Hp Nc360T PCI Express Dual Port Samsung 840 EVO 250GB sata3 1x 500GB WD Green (Server Backup Drive) 700w Corsair PSU 80+ Gold Windows Server 2012 R2 StableBit Drivepool/Scanner Crashplan Itunes IhomeServer LightsOut Bittorrent Server CCTV/Virtual​: RM208 Pro 2U No idea yet working on it Server Array: RM424-EX Pro 24 Bay With Expander Backplane 850W Corsair PSU 80+ gold 10x 2TB Wd Greens 10x 3TB Wd Greens 2 x 3TB Wd Red's 1 x 4TB Wd Red Media Streamers: 7X ACryan Mini2 (The WDTV's are also really good if anything have a better menu system and better community support) Ethernet/Wireless/Broadband: Whole house has CAT 6 Running to each room Virgin Media 200MB Gamer Broadband Virgin Media Super HUB 3 Apple AirPlay So that's it for now always tweaking it lol
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