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  1. I'm using the latest stable version: When it comes to my data I'm reluctant to try any beta. If something went wrong it would be years of hard work down the drain. When will the betas go stable?
  2. Hi, I have a problem regarding folder duplication. Everytime I want to access folder duplication or file placement it says unable to enumerate folder and it starts calculating. When the calculation reaches it's endpoint it starts over and never stops. I've had the problem for quite some time and up until now it didn't matter but I want to use my 1 TB OneDrive via your Stablebit CloudDrive and Drivepool should only save documents and pictures on OneDrive. I've uploaded a log to BOX here http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Log_Collectionand used the first of this topic as a description,
  3. I've gone the sharing way, just didn't wanna put my network in too much trouble.. Thanks for your feedback. Appreciate it..
  4. Okay but if I run the drivepool in the VM I won't be able to see the emulated drive on the main server. Will I be able to pass all the drives through to the VM and "replicate" the drivepool both places. Have Drivepool working together on both systems?
  5. Hi, I've made a VM in Hyper-V to get a VPN connection inside a controlled environment, using xubuntu, and to play aorund with a linux distribution. I would like to add my D: drive from local to the VM. Read that it was possible if you made the drive go offline with disk management. I did that and also tried to disable drivepool service. My problem is that it cannot be seen in the Hyper-V environment under VM settings, SCSI controller. Am I doing something wrong or is there a tweak I'm not aware of? Best regards Johann Valdimarsson
  6. Everything ;-) I was stupid to only buy a 120 gb ssd and now I don't have enough space. The games and programs of today weight a lot more than they used to. I'm astonished that a game like Guild Wars 2 fills my disk with a whopping 25 gb of data. 256 gb ssd wouldn't be enough either and that's where the problem is. I can't afford a 512 gb or 1 tb ssd right now. It's been some years since I've played any games and in those years they have becomed OBESE, so to speak ;-) I've made a program files folder in a non-pooled area of one of the hdd's. I was just thinking it would be a better idea to have it in the pool :-) Thanks for the answers. Will try to make a program files folder in the pool and see how it works. Atleast until my wallet has made itself fatter ;-)
  7. In the old forum there's a thread with a similar question: http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/718/can-you-run-applications-and-steam-and-other-games-from-a-drivepool/p1 This question is not answered in that threat both because drivepool couldn't be installed on win 7-8 and because they were talking about launching over network. I'm asking if it's possible to install to the drivepool on windows 8? Haven't tried it yet though because I would like to know if it could damage the drivepool or something similar. Thanks in advance Valdimarsson
  8. Oh yeah. The update fixed my calculating... problem period. After some time it started calculating again and has been since June 22nd. I thought I would wait it out because my tv series collection had gone up rapidly for the last month and with all the files, nfo's, xml's etc. no wonder why it calculated. That's what I thought. Haven't really looked back at the drivepool UI since then but it was still calculating today and thought of upgrading. Now it's moving files like never before. It's been a long time since I was this happy :-D THANKS
  9. Just read that it was on WSE2012 my problem is with windows 8. Right now it's not an issue because I only need 1 backup and I have an external USB to backup that backup. Don't want to make drivepool mirror that backup. That's way too many backups of something that's really not that important..
  10. I have the exact same "problem". I just pointed my backup into the root of one of the drives. It's not the most elegant solution but for me it's more than I'm used to. Have never had a backup image of the C: drive before only backed up some of it. If you find out of something so I could mirror the backup and be more safe, please advise here.
  11. That's one cheap motherfucker I had a Synology NAS but it was too small and one of my hdd's collapsed and i didn't had it raided nor mirrored and that's why I headed in this direction. Right now I'm between things. Trying to save up for a build in rackmount/server (into closet). Right now I use my stationary and it works like a charm, but consumes a LOT of power so it isn't a durable solution.
  12. Oh yeah. Then it's not just me who wants to buy a ridiculously amount of HDD's
  13. Cool. I had the DrivePool v and now I've upgraded to the latest 266. Shouldn't it check for new versions itself? The check for new versions is checked in the Settings. After it showed me how much it missed balancing I tried to add the hdd and it suceeded and now it's just finishing up with the rest of the file mingling. My balancing options is set as follows: Balance immediately with no tick in the "not more than every..." and a tick in the allow balancing plug-ins. Balance plugins: Stablebit scanner Duplication space optimizer Ordered file placement Volume equalization Hope I'm set It's probably just me being too impatient, bought a new hdd and couldn't add it. Thanks for the quick support. Appreciate it.
  14. Finally I rebooted for the 30th time and it's finally showing % of balancing and all the little nifty markers. Lovely. Now I just have to wait and hopefully I can add the new hdd I would still like to know if it's possible to boost DrivePool balancing and/or DrivePool overall?
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