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Add local drive (drivepool drive) to a VM in Hyper-V





I've made a VM in Hyper-V to get a VPN connection inside a controlled environment, using xubuntu, and to play aorund with a linux distribution.


I would like to add my D: drive from local to the VM. Read that it was possible if you made the drive go offline with disk management. I did that and also tried to disable drivepool service.


My problem is that it cannot be seen in the Hyper-V environment under VM settings, SCSI controller.



Am I doing something wrong or is there a tweak I'm not aware of?




Best regards

Johann Valdimarsson

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Unfortunately, it's not possible to pass the pool drive through to a VM directly.  The drive is an emulated one, and doesn't support the necessary functionality to do so. 


However, if the VM is a Windows based OS, you can set the pooled disks as offline, pass through those disks and then install StableBit DrivePool on the VM. This will allow you to run the pool in the VM. 



Aside from that, there isn't a way to do this. Sorry.

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If you pass through the pooled disks, they're not accessible on the host system. 


So you can really only have the pool on either the host or the guest.


However, you can use Windows File Shares to share the pool, to other Windows systems (such as VMs), or by using the SMB/Samba/CIFS client on Linux or BSD VMs. 

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