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  1. is the license valid for one machine ? or 1 user ? or can I use it on several machines ? same for the scanner license ??
  2. with NAS drives I mean discs in enclosures which are connected through the network.. if I assign a drive letter on the pc can I add that drive to the pool ??
  3. I noticed that I could duplicate files even 3 or more times.. - What's the use for that ? - I assume that I 'lose' exact the storage amount of those files ? (ie. see duplication settings above.. I choose a 250gb sized directory to duplicate 3 times.) In this case I would have 7.750 tb available ? (an extra 250 gb allocated to the directory)
  4. another quick question about duplicating.. I pool 4 x 4tb I have 16 tb ? Correct Duplication on. 2 x 8 tb of which I can use 8tb..?
  5. I'm very interested in drivepool.. I'll start with reading the manual right now.. So shoot me if the answer is in there I'll find it later on... But I wanna know right now, so I know how to plan.. - can I add a nas drive to the pool ? - can I 'share' the pool to other users ? Thanks
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