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  1. Hi Lee, Thank you, that makes perfect sense. Actually, all I'm planning on using for the sata controller now is a "Syba SATA III 4 Port PCI-e" card - cost about £32 from Amazon... A 36 port controller :blink:!!! Where do you source a beast like that, and what is this server (or more precisely motherboard) running such a thing!?! ... I'm positively blown away...
  2. Oh, that's a bit disappointing. I'm aware I could just replace the card (as there is no RAID happening), but I would still lose access to that data until the card was replaced... Granted, you could extend this to saying well the motherboard may fail etc. but a motherboard failing is a bigger issue than a SATA card failing. I've not played with DrivePool as yet because I've yet to get the server running, and I may not be fully understanding it but I'm not seeing how the link you provided would allow me to solve the issue at hand? Just to be clear, I'm wanting the entire pool to be duplicated but I'd like it so that if the SATA card fails, then the data that was associated with the drives attached to the card is available on another drive - probably connected to the motherboard. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm interested in buying DrivePool, but I've got a couple of requirements that I'm wondering if DrivePool can meet. I'm using 6 drives connected to the motherboard and have a SATA card that gives me another 4 drives. What I'm wanting to do is to have DrivePool pool the 10 drives, but I'm also wanting this pool to be duplicated, however for the 4 drives attached to the SATA card, I don't want to have a case where the duplicated files only reside on the SATA card, meaning if the SATA card fails, I've lost access to all that data. Is this something DrivePool can do? Thanks.
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