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  1. quick update, to the remote web access domain issues, I guess after 5 years MS kills the .homserver.com domain. I went through the setup process to setup the domain as new domain through the WHS2011 dashboard, grabbed the same one as it was available, so all is good there. No more Waring and RDP works again remotely. as an FYI, I could still reach the WHS webpage using the expired domain, and browse the folders. only RDP from outside my network was affected. Spent some time upgrading to a new 850Watt PSU, my 550 was maxed out at roughly 9 spinning drives and one PCI SATA M.2., the 10th
  2. I was thinking Server 2008/2008R2 and Win 7 was going end of support Jan 2019, but seems we are actually good through Jan 2020. But I'm still not happy with the direction of MS and Serer Essentials. All this means I have more time to figure out what's next in my Home Server build. Still nice get input from others. Now if only Silcon Dust would actually release their 6 tuner HD Homerun prime.
  3. Are you using your own domain? homerserver.com (MS domain service) cert expired in Sept , was a 5 year cert, I haven't had time to look in to too much. But I should Say RDP is dead, could be unrelated to the domain cert, i'm not that smart ha, RWA still works, but since the domain cert has expired, I have all sorts of warnings.
  4. Hi, looking for some guidance, I had planned to upgrade my WHS2011 server next year with Essentials 2019, and just read they dropped client backups and the remote web access. At this point, I'm not sure I have a use for the product anymore. I can still get essentials 2016 at the moment, but knowing that there will not be a windows upgrade path after that, i'm thinking for $350 for the OS, are there better options to consider. What's the direction everyone else is going, I might add, that I will be getting the HDHR 6 turner prime, if they ever release it to replace my ceton 6Turner ETH.
  5. something for you to think about, and it keeps your drives from going to sleep, https://keepalivehd.codeplex.com/. I've have some laptop grade Hitachi drives, knowing in advance that they had the same problem as the WD greens, going to sleep after a few seconds of inactivity, and with scanner pinging your drives for smart data (you can change the freqency in the settings), LCC would run up on the drives, this tool, rights a small file every few second and keeps them spinning. After 3 years and 190 days on one drive, and 3 years 250 days on the other drive, they drives are still going strong
  6. Christopher, that's got to suck, and I see you're feeling better. that's good news.
  7. I used this for over a year connecting a media pro box to my server, worked like a charm and all smart data was passed to scanner for the 4 drives in the box. https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Support-Multiplier-Patent-Pending/dp/B005DCCMII/ref=cm_cr-mr-title My review is ByBdogon July 27, 2012. http://www.datoptic.com/ec/usb3-usb2-to-esata-with-port-multiplier-mac-windows.html with that said, maybe try this product from the same company will meet your requirements http://www.datoptic.com/ec/usb-3-1-to-sataiii-6gb-direct-connect-uasp-adapter-self-power.html
  8. I just noticed this as well. Hum, hate to see it go, WGS was like my first my first experience into the world of home servers, it's like a part of me has gone missing. I don't frequent the forms as much as I use too, not doing anything new to my setup, and my WHS2011 server keeps chugging away with DP and scanner, MCE, ceton ETH, etc, etc. I've been going strong since 2009(WHS V1) because of WGS, Stablebit, Homeservershow, AVSforum, The green button, and many others that no longer exist. But I must say that I 'm looking forward to file vault this was one of my suggestions many years ag
  9. Thanks Chris, Haven't been here in while. I haven't had any issues, I'm still humming along with WHS2011 with DP and Scanner.
  10. Will DP run on Windows® Storage Server 2012 R2? I didn't see is listed as a compatible OS, but figured I'd ask anyway since WSS is only available from OEM's. I have a customer that might be interested. Thanks Dan
  11. Use Keepalive HD, as it not the drive, but the controller in the enclosure that's turning the drive off, and I'm assuming Scanner is waking it up to get the SMART statics's Over and over again. the worst part of USB drives, the crummy controller, what's really funky, you may see a 5tb partition now, but if you ever pull the drive from the enclosure, and connect directly to your PC via a sata cable, you will see multiple partitions. https://keepalivehd.codeplex.com/ Small correction, while I still believe the controller is the primary problem, I have a few newer seagate desktop grad
  12. You should get Security Updates on V1 for a few more months, it's based on server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 14, 2015. You should be good on Security updates through January 2020 on WHS 2011, it's based on Server 2008. As far as minimum requirements, most of folks started running it on WHS 2011 on an HP Micro Server N36l, AMD Athlon II NEO N36L 1.3 GHz, this was dual core proc, passmark of 809, it came stock with 2GB's ram, but most upgraded to 4GB min, I'm still running DP and Scaner on a HP Micorserver N40l, system performance is slow when you RDP, but overal
  13. thanks fro the Reply, just showing my enthusiasm for the product, I have lots of backups, so it's all good for now.
  14. I believe HD tune has a cost, never used it, the manufacture often has free tools that you can use, but I usually perform full format which takes several hours, especially on a 4tb HDD, then I let stablebit scanner perform a full scan, which is several more hours, and let the drive run for a week or so in the server before adding to the pool. most of my drives have been pulled from external enclosures, as a matter of fact all of my 3.5" drives excluding 1 HGST NAS Drive have been pulled from enclosures, With that said, I will typically run the full format and stable scanner before busting
  15. I've been waiting patiently for Filesafe. If anything happens to my family photos, I'm afraid of what my wife may do to me. But I'm sure you guys will hear about it in the news.
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