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  1. I've made the BitFlock submission for the ST4000DM001 disk, now with an LCC of 446,079 but still no SMART warning - ID is P5TXJXU9.
  2. I've got a couple of worrisome Seagate 4TB Expansion drives with high (>300,000) LCC's, and I'm a bit confused that one (ST4000DM001) is shown as OK under SMART with an LCC of 444,543 and the other (ST4000DM001) has a warning with an LCC of 300,794. I see that SMART is using "non-manufacturer specific" interpretation rules for the first (higher LCC but no warning) and "Seagate Desktop HDD.15" for the second (lower LCC but with warning). I'm just wondering why the different interpretation rules, and whether LCC > 300,000 is OK for the ST4000DM001?
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