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  1. Yep, things like Xbox games for Windows 10 as well as modern apps. Basically if I want to install Modern Apps and Xbox games from the store, I need to either expose a drive from the pool directly or install to a seperate drive not in the pool? No way around this by the sounds of it which is a shame.
  2. Nope I was wrong, it has defaulted back to my C: drive without me realising. So, can I add MS Store to this and the inability to download and install to the pooled drives. I'm running the latest beta fwiw.
  3. Hi I can run pretty much all my software off the pool, but every time I try to change the default app installation location it errors out (0x801f000f) and does not change. Is drivepool comptabile with the way MS has built apps installation? I know I can bring a folder out from a drive in the pool directly but this doesn't help as I'm looking to spread the load across the drives. Cheers Chris Edit: I had the MS Store added too but this appears to be working and downloading at the moment... Will test once Forza 7 demo has finished.
  4. Alas I've now had to move from Flexraid t-raid as it wasn't compatible with dynamically expanding iscsi drives (or MSFTs own iscsi target server at all). Shame, as I like real time raid. Back using drivepool... So much nicer and easier to use, working out how to you snapraid now in the meantime... Looking forward to anything you guys can do on parity protection now, especially realtime!
  5. Hey Christopher, I meant more of a webgui, I tend to run my servers headless and find a webgui quite easy... I guess I got spoilt slightly by Synology Disk Station Manager 5.1 and wondered if you had considered developing such a thing. I'd happily pay good money for a drivepool/scanner based parity system with webgui and the ability to control HDDs (format, filesystem, etc.) within this interface. Don't really need iSCSI, although the MS solution I just can't get to work with Xenserver 6.5 so I've got Starwind Virtual SAN instead... I'm just throwing this out there for thoughts, Flexraid is good for what it does but I'd discard it in a second for a stablebit product :-)
  6. I'm gonna throw this in here as I can't find a 'wishlist' area :-) I've just moved back to Server 2012 R2 after testing out Xpenology and DSM 5.1. The system is so friendly and easy to use but I had issues with drive expansions and wanted more control over the filesystem used. Now, for parity protection I'm using flexraids t-raid and despite the good transfer speeds (88MB/s on copy including parity drive) the interface sucks and the pooling system is a little flaky. I would love to see a parity system with drivepool integrated that has a decent webui that can do everything... Imagine DSM but running on top of windows (perhaps not the iSCSI bits but that would be cool too), with the ability to add drives, format them and then add them to the pool... All without touching the actual computer management section... Have no idea if this is possible, or how hard it would be but wanted to put it out there as a suggestion :-)
  7. 1) I am currently running my drivepool JBOD server from a VM on windows server 2012 R2 on a Xenserver 6.5 Host. I passthrough my HBA as its easier to get SMART details within the VM, but it has no trouble running. 2) Can't comment on Hyper-V as it doesn't meet my needs of PCI Passthrough. 3) Shouldn't be any issues. Most of the type 1 hypervisors have near bare metal speed for VMs. The biggest killer is lack of memory and the host storage devices that the VMs run from, get those right and you'll be fine.
  8. Hi, I've noticed on the roadmap an item called 'Stablebit FileSafe' due for release sometime this year... Any word on what this is? I'd love real time parity protection using drivepools pooling system, rather than snapshot and I'm loathe to move to a competitor to achieve this and wondered whether filesafe was something similar to parity? Just curious more than anything. Cheers, Chris
  9. Hi Christopher, They appear to be working fine now, I can physically hear the drives spinning down and up. I'll email the drivers later on when I get home from work as I'm about to leave.
  10. H 4Frame, The card itself has been crippled by LSI as its the lower end of their range apparently. I've allowed unsigned drivers in my install now and have modified the LSI inf to add in a particular but called 'idlepowermanamgement' but unfortunately I'm not sure if this has worked. Got a new supermicro motherboard coming soon which will be final home for the storage system so will try it on a brand new install and see what happens.
  11. Hi Christopher, I have the balancing plugin that fills a single drive at a time as that will ensure that only one or two drives will be spinning out of the pool however ALL drives attached to the SAS card do not spin down at all, only those attached to the motherboard headers actually can use the windows settings. I believe this is because the LSI HBA cards on the whole do not pass through the windows commands to the drives. I know SDParm can spin the drives down as I can hear them physically stop but I have no way of creating a script that basically sets it to it on a set interval. I appreciate that perhaps the users of SAS cards are low but I wonder if this is something that could be looked at? Drivepool plus snapraid gives you a very cost effective parity protection using some very simple programs in my opinion. Stablebit scanner shows active at all times for the drives attached to the SAS cards. Chris
  12. Hi, I have one of those annoying LSI SAS adaptors (9211-8i) that when set to IT mode (jbod) it will not pass the windows spin down commands to the attached HDDs. unRAID got around this by using a spin down command in Linux and I wondered whether Drivepool had something similar. If not, is it something that could be added and that every time a new HDD was added to the pool the spin down ability was added for the new HDD automatically? Would solve my issues immensely! Chris
  13. Perfect, the ip addresses worked. I had been using the hostname but it appears that if connected to a domain it needs the full domain name as well... I was simply trying the host name as that works for Remote Desktop Connection. If I buy a license (I'm trialing this to replace unRAID as I'm unsatisfied with it) do I only need one license for each (scanner and drivepool) and then that will allow me to install and connect as a client from another machine as it appears that I need to activate the second copy of my dc with essentials to do this? How do clients connecting to the licensed installation work?
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