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  1. Thanks again. Reading the original thread and posting my particular issue and your responses have helped on next steps. Same drive - There is one drive that has failed. I tried different ports and power plugs.. The drive spins up and get warm (not hot). Since the I/O board on the drive appears to have failed, I understand why Scanner would not pick up the problem. I though about buying a replacement board to salvage the drive. The cost is about the same a used drive. The manufacture date on this drive is 1/7/2010. So, a proper drilling and burial seams the best at this point. Swa
  2. Thanks, I have been using Remote Desktop Connection a lot on these machines lately. I am geared up to blowout one of the machines That will clear out the Scanner data files. However, will hang onto to link if the problem resurfaces..
  3. I have a similar issue with a twist. The posts in this thread were very helpful in troubleshooting to this point. Thanks for that. I have two NAS servers and an offline backup server. All three are running Drivepool and Scanner. The issue is with the backup server. It has ten SATA drives running on a LSI SAS31061E 16 port card. This setup has been running well for the past 18 months. I start up the server; check to see if there are any pending OS updates; update is needed; do a partial backup that freshens changes files and adds any new ones; let the server run 24 hours to catch a
  4. Thanks for the quick response. Oops, I was on a remote connection to the server, so may have run the Troubleshooter on my laptop. Not sure now. Have sent Troubleshooter data before starting the service. This time on the server for sure. Also, the email tag should be tom@flemer.net. May not match what you have on record. I know where the reset is on Drivepool, can you point me to the one on Scanner? Best Regards, Tom
  5. I am experiencing a similar problem with two PC servers running Windows 10 and Scanner. The GUI will just open to searching.... (new issue) After reading a few posts here, I took a look at Services in Task Manager and found that ScannerServce is stopping. When I manually start the service, the GUI is available. Service startup is set to Automatic. Scanner has been on these machines for about 18 months. On one machine, two of the three drives have a non-fatal problem. I am getting ready to fix. However, little has been done in the way of changes. Just running. There have been a num
  6. Thanks, I will need to use the "Force Damaged Disk Removal"
  7. I have a NAS (Windows 10) with two data drives E: and F: in drive pool G:. Both drives are 3T, there is plenty of open space. All files on drive E: are duplicated on drive F, about 500G. Note: OS and program files are on drive C: E: died. So, I am ready to replace drive E:, but want to review steps Remove old drive via Drive pool. Add in new drive via Disk Management as E: Add to pool via Drive pool. Copy duplicated files back to new drive E: Configure duplication for E: to F: via Drive pool Is this the correct procedure? Anything else that needs to be done?
  8. Christopher, It is odd. I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 and upgrade to 10. DriveCloud is installed. Thanks.
  9. Just a quick note. Went to download CloudDrive and popup shows a bad signature. Tried twice.
  10. Christopher, You might say I have used Drivepool for an unintended purpose. Seeing the suffix on the Drivepool remote access should have told me that the router is trying (not very well) to be the master. I confirmed this by accident when I fired up an old HP Proliant running WHS v1.0. With it up, Windows explorer shows all the clients. I forgot to check Drivepool to see if the suffixes are present when WHS v1.0 is running. On my list. I can use Wireshark to look some more and bang on this new router to see if I can raise it up the ladder. The Verizon router is a little pricey for a
  11. Christopher, Thanks for the links. This confirms that the issue I am dealing with is somewhere between what appears to be a functional network and before Drivepool. FYI - I have replaced the dead fan in my gigabit switch and it is now back in service. Other than faster speeds there is no change here. After reading the info provided by Alex, I was not clear on access when Drivepool is running. However, that was easy for me to clear up in my mind. Running refers to the service and not the human interface. Just to recap, both NAS machines are nearly identical. The machine serial
  12. Christopher, Thanks I am digging into the Verizon router, as I am finding posts about it dropping multicast/UDP. So, one of my pieces of test equipment here is Drivepool. I am depending on it for the multicast API in .NET Framework, since the results will also help with Scanner and Drive cloud. Other than plugging the router in a few months ago, I only made the most basic of changes. I dug in and found IPv6 turned on. This has caused me some trouble in the past. Turned that off. Probably not the root cause. Also found a host list. I think the underlying OS for the router is Lin
  13. The Remote Access Feature in Drivepool (and Scanner, Clouddrive) is handy while I am going through the set up and initial use processes. I have three clients running Drivepool all on the same subnet. However, I have found that the wireless router, a Verizon model FiOS-G1100 is not liking Multicast. That is, when all three are wired, I can see all Drivepool clients, When one client is connected wireless, it cannot see the other two and the other two can only see the other wired client. Windows 10 Explorer and Remote Desktop Connection function just fine. There are some posts that recomm
  14. Windows 10 and Drivepool operability. I have been running Drivepool on a WHS2011 machine for a few years now and am happy with the results. In anticipation of WHS going away, Back in March, I started a test on a Windows 7 machine with Drivepool. At the time, there were some posts about problems with Windows 10 and Drivepool. However, I was not in a position to test. At least from what I could determine Drivepool works fine on Windows 7. Where I got into trouble was with MS Onedrive and syncing files on the machine. I have read through pages of post, but cannot find anything that w
  15. I recently purchased copies of Drivepool Download for Windows. One is on Windows 7 Pro (32bit) and the other is on 8.1 home (32 bit). There are no apparent problems with the install. However, I can "see" usb drives in Windows Explorer but not in drivepool. I have read through the manual and searched the forums for help. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. BTW, I can see and add the (C:/) drive in drivepool. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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