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Scanner detected bad sectors. Need help understanding.


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Hopefully, the short version. I have used drive pool for 11 years. However, my attempt to recover and isolate a bad drive only resulted in the backup NAS being read only. Now, I am replacing NASs and using newer hardware. Want to use one of the 6TB HDDs. So, removed, cleared the partition and formatted. The installed Scanner and Drivepool. Scanner reports errors on the drive. In short, I am running chkdsk g: /f /r /x. Chkdsk is reporting the complete scan will take 13+ hours. Reading forum posts and the online manual, there is no indication that the drive will be usable. At this point there are no files to recover on the drive. Question is running chkdsk as a fix a waste of time?

Bad Block II.jpg

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Drive might still be usable - sometimes you get lucky and the bad sectors don't breed, and if so chkdsk /r will at least mark those sectors to not be used by the file system - but if you don't want the risk that you'll end up with more and more bad sectors then yeah wipe and bin/rma the drive.

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