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  1. You are correct. The single card can handle both boxes. I have my two boxes running off of the same card. But having a backup card isn't bad. And you never know if you want to plugin another esata device in the future.
  2. I had something similar. One day I woke up and couldn't write to any of the folders. Eventually I found out that one of the drives dropped off the pool and was disconnected. I didn't think to check the DP console as I could still see the pool. After reconnecting the drive (rebooting) it worked again.
  3. Great news. Even though the current card is working now you won't be sorry with the Mediasonic card. Its been running great for me for years. I'm waiting for the probox to drop in price so I can add a second one to the card.
  4. Yup. That is the correct card. The HP1-SS3. I just found my amazon receipts to confirm. Also I found the thread where Drashna mentions the chipset issue... take a look. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/965-issue-when-working-with-folders/?hl=mediasonic&do=findComment&comment=6254 Hopefully this helps you out. I've been running smooth since Jan of 2015 when I replaced the card.
  5. I also have the Mediasonic Probox. I tried different cards and was having a number of issues similar to yours where the box would drop off under heavy load. Drashna recommended a card based on the chipset a few years ago and ever since I got it it has been working flawlessly. I'm actually looking for a second probox to add to my system now. I ended up getting the Mediasonic 2 Port External Sata card off of amazon for 20$ CDN (it had the recommended chipset). I tried to find the threads where we discussed this but it was a number of years ago.
  6. #2. I've done this a number of times. This is the thing I like about drivepool. On the new server install drivepool then just move all of the disks over and it will recognize the pool. The pool configuration data is stored on the disks.
  7. Interesting. I have a very similar setup so now that I understand what you meant I can see how that is will be a pain. I guess logging a feature request with Crashplan would be a good option too so that they can incorporate a "only restore missing" option into their interface. I have about 1.5TB of data on Crashplan so I don't really want to switch. So far they have been pretty good but I have not had to do a large restore like that yet.
  8. Good to know about the beta's. I just upgraded to the latest beta (from a previous beta) as I was having a few issues but didn't want to report anything until I have time to dig deeper.
  9. Thanks for the links guys.. going to try it on the machine I'm having issues with as well. By the way Drashna the command line should have /t instead of /y in the above article.
  10. If you look at crashplan you can set up the free version to backup up via lan or internet to another pc. this may accomplish what you are looking to do.
  11. Yup. Mediasonic had the drivers for it. It port multiplication wouldn't work until it was installed. Working fine so far on Server 2012 R2 Essentials.
  12. Just upgraded my setup to the Mediasonic esata card with the chipset you recommended. So far smooth. Pretty sure it will stay that way.
  13. Yup. I tried that right after I got the logs and had the same results. Should I have rebooted after disabling the network io boost?
  14. We are in luck. Was able to easily reproduce it. Just creating two text files ("new text document.txt" and "new text document (2).txt") on the share ("projects") and it wouldn't show up on the other computer. But browsing to the d: drive on the server they are there. Hopefully the logs show something. Let me know.
  15. I do have network IO boost enabled. I will leave it enabled for now so I can grab some logs and hopefully duplicate the issue. This is a tricky one because it doesn't happen all the time, so replicating it will be hard. Let me see if I can do some tests to duplicate the problem and get the logs to you. May take me some time depending on how easy it will happen. Of course it happened this morning.
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