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    hi, if I have 1 virtual cloud drive and I want to use it on 5 pc, should i buy 5 licences ?
  2. Would I succeed if I instruct DrivePool to leave 0MB on the disk ? Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  3. I need to move my data to a LINUX PC. I need that drivepool removes all data from a specific drive. Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  4. I need to remove some drive from the pool and move data to another PC. The files should be all moved to the remaining drives until I can remove the empty one. Another option would be to directly move directories to the other PC without loosing the correct hyerachy. Which is the correct way to do this ? Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  5. Hi Christopher, I have exposed the last part of my proposal in a wrong way. I don't ask for power consuption but total uptime (hours/minutes) per drive: 1) Total uptime since drive has been added 2) Hitsorical uptime per day (1/2 weeks or user selectable) 3) Uptime for the current day, Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  6. Hi Cristhopher, I have checked everything and drive should be with no access at all for the whole day until I make some direct access. Indexing has been confined only to one our a day. Power consumption for large disk array is an important part for any user. I wish to ask a feature for DrivePool: drive on monitoring which should inform the user with 3 values: 1) Each drive should have an on/off mark on its side 2) Each drive should report the total power on for each day and since it has being added to the pool Hope it could be implemented easily. Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  7. Hi, I have currently installed 8 hard drives on my Windows 8 homebuilt nas based on DrivePool They consume a lot of energy. How could I power them down when not used ? Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  8. Hi, as far I have understood, DrivePool stores Pool data structure on C: What shoud I do If I recover a previous C: partition backup using an backup image ? I suppose Pool Data and C: data will be out of sync after a recovery. Giuseppe Chillemi
  9. Hi, after some time experimenting using Drive Pool today I have registered (DP + Scanner). I have purchased it for 2 reasons. 1) There is a general stability of the application which is professionally programmed (only few problems encountered). I feel I won't loose my data. 2) Great support. I feel at home here. Looking forward to purchase the next licence. Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  10. I apologize, instead of reading "GB" I have read "TB" a unit for "other space" Giuseppe Chillemi
  11. Hi, is there a way to have duplication on a different PC ? It would be good to have a "backup" NAS somewhere, either via LAN or via Internet (VPN) Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  12. Hi, having many disks it is difficult to identify its position. I would be good to have a way to identify which is the position inside the case for each drive. If it is too difficult, an user editable note field should be good too. Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  13. Still Something incoerent after having remeasured everything: The "Other" space is too much. On the right side you can see no drive has so much "other" space. Regards, Giuseppe Chillemi
  14. I am just rebooting my server after performing the selected operations. I have had only this problem (bold one) following the guide: Follow: Q7200705 Open up StableBit DrivePool's UI. Click on the "Gear" icon in the top, right-hand corner. I have connected to the server using TeamManager. I have then started the UI and it kept trying to connect to the service. I have tried to open the "troubleshotting menu'" but I don't undestand what is the blue gear. Is the blue pie chart like drawing on the upper left ? (Note: the guide states: on the right hand corner) Giuseppe Chillemi
  15. Hi, I have used Directory Opus, a powerful file manager. I have moved the files using its move function which copies and then deletes from the start folder. Also, Is there a way to solve this recursive directory problem ? I mean: how I could safely remove this problem ? Should I delete the directory ? Where ?
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