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  1. I ended up taking the easy and simple route. Got another nvme stick.
  2. Reading the docs and some users experiences (i think i found the one you were referring to) i think hierarchical pools are what i need to use and will do exactly what im trying to accomplish. I will give it a shot in the next couple of days and report back the results. Thank you both for your ideas and answers!! Much appreciated. I was hitting my head against the wall trying to find a solution.
  3. Im ok with losing anything on the drive. Its only going to be new stuff that is easily replaced. Is there a way to force the cache to not do any duplication until moving files into the pool? Umfriend, thanks for the idea. I have not used (actual never heard of it :-) ) that type of pool. I will do some reading on it and see what its all about.
  4. The way caching currently works (at least how i understands it to work) It is smart enough to not let you use 2 partitions on the same disk for duplication. How does one disable that smartness? I want to partition my nvme and have drivepool use it as 2 cache drives for duplication. The exposure for me is small and i understand i lose everything on the nvme drive if it goes bad because its not really duplicated. Data wont remain for more than a few hours at most, so the the exposure is acceptable to me. For me i would rather have the speed of nvme as my cache drive and the chance of loss is small and acceptable. Is there anyway to override the default behavior? Thanks!
  5. The behavior is very irritating and I would really like to get it resolved if possible. Do I have this in the wrong place? Do I need to provide additional or more detailed information? Do I need to open a support ticket? Thanks!
  6. I've been using drivepool for several months now and everything has been working great so far except some delayed behavior with my shares I'm hoping someone can help me fix. I can look at a folder on the server where drivepool is running and it shows the contents as they currently are (ie. it's accurate), I can look at that same folder from my computer via a share and its accurate as well. If something then updates that folder (ie. adds a file, renames a folder, etc) from the server or a different computer I don't see the changes on my computer. I can refresh the view, close and reopen explorer, but it continues to show the old information. I have to either wait several minutes or reboot my computer in order to get the share to display the current contents. During this time I can go to the server where drivepool is running and it displays the correct information. It's also a bit weird in that it doesn't do it all the time, I would say about 25% of the time I have the issue, though I haven't noticed any pattern to the behavior. I had the shares set up the same way before drivepool and did not have this issues so I'm making the assumption it's something in the way I have drivepool setup. Thanks in advance!
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