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  1. fair enough, thanks for the feedback :-)
  2. I noticed, hence the question...any plans for one? If so, soon or basically never? Thanks.
  3. Yeah that's what I do at the moment, but during the day I need all my internets for my business, but at night I would be happy for it to run wild and free!
  4. I really don't want to have to remember to pause and unpause every night - I would like to automate it to run overnight. But as the devs haven't replied I guess they are not allowing that for some reason. Shame as it's the one thing that would make this software perfect. Without it, it's just...ok...
  5. I guess that's a no then :-(
  6. Hi - I seem to remember that a way to schedule to uploading and downloading from the cloud (I used Google Drive) has been a request on the cards since 2016, has anything moved forward with this at all? Would be really helpful. Thanks
  7. Found a fix! Turns out if you make the folder that will hold the symlinks ON the Drivepool itself, then it works fine, if that folder is on a non-drivepooled drive it doesn't. I can then mount that folder containing simlinks as a network drive on another PC and then use it/access it as I wish. I'm using it in Plex to separate out kids movies easily. Even though this is solved I'll leave it up so others with this issues can find the workaround :-)
  8. Hi, I've been trying the below method to help with organizing my Media Library: 1) Create a folder on WHS2011 (either on a Drive included in the Drivepool or not, same issue), call it Kids Movies 2) Create simlink from each film you want to appear in that folder, I used a program called Link Shell Extension. 3) The "Kids Movie" folder now has a simlink to each Kids film, share the folder 4) On my W10 PC I map the Kids Movie folder to a Network Drive (although this isn't needed to see the problem) 5) Run the below comamnds in CMD in admin mode to allow sharing simlinks (I did this o
  9. Thanks everyone for the info - fantastic :-) Now I just need to get my "new" server working!
  10. Hi, So your fresh install of WHS/DP happily saw the Pool on the drives you put in from another Server?
  11. Hi all, I currently have a 18.6TB Stablebit Drive Pool consisting of 6 drives running on WHS 2011 on a HP N40L Micro Server. I have run out of spaces for new disks and need more CPU power so will be putting together a dual Xeon tower server. The new Sever will have Proxmox running a VM of WHS 2011 on an SSD (rather than on the very old 120gb hdd in the N40L). What is the easiest way to move the pool/files over to the new PC. 1) Do a fresh install of WHS 2011 & Stablebit Drivepool, then remove one drive from the N40L, install in Xeon Server, make new pool, copy as many files
  12. Hi - just wanted to make sure you'd received my ticket and files as I've not heard anything. Thanks :-)
  13. Hi, Well, I had a problem last week and CloudDrive stopped working, so as I rebooted my WHS 2011 server and now Cloud drive wont play nice. If I try and start the Stablebit Cloudrive program it just says (for hours & hours) "Starting service" Version The services are running (Notifications, Service, Native.exe & UI) Rebooting the server doesn't make any difference, it still has the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Just a little update. Looking at the services that are running, it looks like Clouddrive needs Clouddrive.Service.exe but there is also a Clouddrive.Service.Native.exe *32. This is the one that, when stopped, allows CloudDrive to start up and perform a recovery. But after a few minutes into recovery that Native *32 service starts up again although everything seems to be working ok. Every time the Server reboots this causes the same problems as described above. I did install the x64 version of ClouDDrive so not sure if that's an error or not?
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