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  1. fair enough, thanks for the feedback :-)
  2. I noticed, hence the question...any plans for one? If so, soon or basically never? Thanks.
  3. Yeah that's what I do at the moment, but during the day I need all my internets for my business, but at night I would be happy for it to run wild and free!
  4. I really don't want to have to remember to pause and unpause every night - I would like to automate it to run overnight. But as the devs haven't replied I guess they are not allowing that for some reason. Shame as it's the one thing that would make this software perfect. Without it, it's just...ok...
  5. I guess that's a no then :-(
  6. Hi - I seem to remember that a way to schedule to uploading and downloading from the cloud (I used Google Drive) has been a request on the cards since 2016, has anything moved forward with this at all? Would be really helpful. Thanks
  7. Found a fix! Turns out if you make the folder that will hold the symlinks ON the Drivepool itself, then it works fine, if that folder is on a non-drivepooled drive it doesn't. I can then mount that folder containing simlinks as a network drive on another PC and then use it/access it as I wish. I'm using it in Plex to separate out kids movies easily. Even though this is solved I'll leave it up so others with this issues can find the workaround :-)
  8. Hi, I've been trying the below method to help with organizing my Media Library: 1) Create a folder on WHS2011 (either on a Drive included in the Drivepool or not, same issue), call it Kids Movies 2) Create simlink from each film you want to appear in that folder, I used a program called Link Shell Extension. 3) The "Kids Movie" folder now has a simlink to each Kids film, share the folder 4) On my W10 PC I map the Kids Movie folder to a Network Drive (although this isn't needed to see the problem) 5) Run the below comamnds in CMD in admin mode to allow sharing simlinks (I did this o
  9. Thanks everyone for the info - fantastic :-) Now I just need to get my "new" server working!
  10. Hi, So your fresh install of WHS/DP happily saw the Pool on the drives you put in from another Server?
  11. Hi all, I currently have a 18.6TB Stablebit Drive Pool consisting of 6 drives running on WHS 2011 on a HP N40L Micro Server. I have run out of spaces for new disks and need more CPU power so will be putting together a dual Xeon tower server. The new Sever will have Proxmox running a VM of WHS 2011 on an SSD (rather than on the very old 120gb hdd in the N40L). What is the easiest way to move the pool/files over to the new PC. 1) Do a fresh install of WHS 2011 & Stablebit Drivepool, then remove one drive from the N40L, install in Xeon Server, make new pool, copy as many files
  12. Hi - just wanted to make sure you'd received my ticket and files as I've not heard anything. Thanks :-)
  13. Hi, Well, I had a problem last week and CloudDrive stopped working, so as I rebooted my WHS 2011 server and now Cloud drive wont play nice. If I try and start the Stablebit Cloudrive program it just says (for hours & hours) "Starting service" Version The services are running (Notifications, Service, Native.exe & UI) Rebooting the server doesn't make any difference, it still has the same problem. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Just a little update. Looking at the services that are running, it looks like Clouddrive needs Clouddrive.Service.exe but there is also a Clouddrive.Service.Native.exe *32. This is the one that, when stopped, allows CloudDrive to start up and perform a recovery. But after a few minutes into recovery that Native *32 service starts up again although everything seems to be working ok. Every time the Server reboots this causes the same problems as described above. I did install the x64 version of ClouDDrive so not sure if that's an error or not?
  15. Welp, after solving the last issue with limiting upload speed to stop WHS freezing, today I notice that the CloudDrive program just says "Starting Service (5 hours)". Things I've tried: Rebooting the server *which runs WHS 2011, all up to date Reinstalling CloudDrive Repairing CloudDrive Stopping the service manually and restarting it Nothing I do is getting the program to see the service...which is running btw. I have the latest CloudDrive Beta version. I was two days through (what looked like) a four day backup of stuff, all going well till this :-( Any ideas
  16. Update! It's fixed. I limited the upload speed to slightly less than my internet upload speed and it's happily chugged away all night. So the upshot of this is, I don't need a 3TB drive as a cache drive (it'll never get used) as the real limiting factor seems to be memory! In 4 days when this lot is uplloaded I'll switch back to a much smaller cache drive somewhere and make better use of that 3TB! Thanks :-)
  17. Ok thank you, would I still need to use something like Ultracopy to limit copy speed to upload speed do you think?
  18. Right ok, that makes sense...the one thing I didn't take into consideration!! Guess I can wait until it's all being copied to the cache and see if the server comes back to "life". This problem will only happen the first time I start these huge uploads anyway then, as after that they will just be backing up any new or different files. Thanks for the info :-)
  19. Hi, I'm using CloudDrive to backup files to Google Drive. I was using "Allway Sync", but had the issues I will describe below, so switched to "GoodSync", but this issue persists so I have to assume it's related to CloudDrive? I'm using an empty 3TB drive as the cache location (so space is not an issue), I have Cloudbit settings as default (cache 1GB but allowing it to grow as needed). If I set up a sync with either of the above programs for a smaller selection of files like My Pictures (couple of GB) it will all copy to the cache drive quickly then happily saturate my internet upload s
  20. Since my last post it's been uploading ok, apart from stopping every now and then "pinning data"? As for threads, I've not changed the i/o settings at all, so its still be on the default of 2.
  21. yeah I thought so, it just seemed to stop the uploading whenever that happened. Last week it was uploading pretty quick but this week it is just getting stuck or stopping over and over. Not sue what to check as my internet is ok and unlimited.
  22. I have 15 ish up so not terrible not amazing so would be happy to just have it work consistently and not start all over again! I've upgraded now and the drive looks ok, still seem to be getting the same "thread was aborted, 42 times" error. Will see if it settles down this evening.
  23. Ok thanks will try that once it finishes uploading. I'm also getting a lot of "thread aborted" errors which is stopping the uploads. I am on version .463 and it looks like I may have to upgrade to stop this error. Question - if I do upgrade to the newest beta .600 will I have to recreate and reuplaod all of my files...as this has taken weeks so far! Thanks :-)
  24. Hi, Been loving Clouddrive and Google Drive, but ran into a small issue with the cache. I have the cache set to a drive (not being used by Drivepool) that had about 100gb space on it, but every time I would set a lot of data (more than 100gb) to upload to Google drive, it would freeze (or at least stop me Remote Desking into) my WHS. Anyway, I have a spare 500gb drive now that I am happy to use as the cache, but after a lot of searching and googling I can't find how to move my cache from one drive to another. Thanks for the help :-)
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