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Gray "Other" Space



Hi there...  I have a portion at the end of each of my drives in the pool that's gray, and described as "Other" data.

I checked the drives, there isn't any data outside of the DrivePool folders - so everything should be part of the DrivePool.

It's my understanding that if I added data to a drive outside of the DrivePool folder it would be recognized as Other.

I've tried remeasuring, reduplicating, rebalancing.. all of which have left the drives with "other" data.

Any ideas on how I can figure out what this is?



Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 9.25.44 AM.png

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I tried a few things.. but I still have this gray area showing.

Any ideas? There isn't a way to see a list of files that falls into "other"?

Also, check the screenshot below, I'm not getting the light blue arrows anymore, except for on one drive. I'm not sure if that matters, but it used to be there.


Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 9.26.57 AM.png

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What have you tried? I note that you now only have other on 2 drives.

You could look at the PoolPart.* folder on G:\ with properties through explorer and see if the used space agrres with the none-other data.

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Posted (edited)

i use dpcmd check-pool-fileparts F:\ 4 > check-pool-fileparts.log to fix it.

Then i read the log, and if theres no issues other than with drivepools record, i recheck duplication, and it goes back to what i'd expect 19.6TB duplicated, 8.99mb unusable for duplication for that pool.

For me its more to do with drivepools index developing an issue rather than there being an actual duplication issue. But thats why i check the dpcmd log to make sure.

I use notepad++ to open the logfile, and search /count "!" , "*", and "**"

Usually it reports no inconsistencies at the end. At least i've never had one outside of when testing, and deliberately trying to trash a couple of test drives.

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use of notepad++ to check
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