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  1. I'm getting a "The file or directory is Corrupted and Unreadable" error when I'm trying to access a folder in my cloud drive. I can't even delete it, which would be fine if I could. I ran chkdsk /f /x - found a bunch of problems, but this one still remains. the cloud provider is Google Drive, although I don't think that matters. Any method of forcing a deletion of a file (Windows 10) involves deleting the file during Windows boot, which can't happen in this case because the cloud drive isn't mounted at that point. Any ideas on what I can do here?
  2. rbutler81

    File System Damaged

    Hi there, I have a CloudDrive hosted on my Google Drive account. I've never had too many issues with it, other than occasional disconnects. Lately however, whenever I reboot my server, I've been getting notifications from Stablebit Scanner that this particular drive is damaged. When I open Scanner to have a look, beside the CloudDrive it says "File System Damaged." I've run chkdsk on it from a command prompt, it doesn't find any errors. I've also used Stablebit Scanner to try to fix the drive, but this also says there's nothing to fix when it runs. As far as I can tell, the drive is working. So, I'm not sure what this 'file system damage' is affecting. Can anyone help me with this? How to get it resolved? How to know what the damage actually is? I can attach any info that may be needed. Thanks.
  3. Hmmm... ok. I know about your Contact Us page but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else someday had the same issue. I'll contact via the link and post what I find.
  4. DrivePool is telling me I have 753GB of files that cannot be moved because it can't satisfy the file placement rules. For the life of me I can't find what the conflict is, I didn't change anything... I added a new drive and set up some rules for it - those rules worked because I have the data I wanted on that new drive. Is there a way to see exactly what the conflict is? A way to see which files this message is referring to? Or which rules this is referring to? It would make it a lot easier to get this sorted out... In a log file somewhere? Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I'm using Win10 Pro ... should have mentioned that. I know about the Bitlocker / diskcryptor options... but what about the 'Local Disk' encryption options from within CloudDrive? Is that something to consider? Does it use hardware encryption?
  6. Hi there, I'm trying to figure out the best way to encrypt all my drives that are part of my DrivePool. Should I... a - use CloudDrive to encrypt each disk individually as a 'Local Disk' provider, then add each encrypted drive to the drive pool. b - add all the unencrypted drives to the drive pool, then encrypt the entire pool with CloudDrive as a 'Local Disk' and use the encrypted version of the pool c - use some 3rd party encryption program to encrypt the drives, then add them to the drive pool d - add all unencrypted drives to the pool, then use 3rd party encryption to encrypt the whole pool If I encrypt a drive with CloudDrive using the 'Local Disk' provider, does this leverage the AES instructions in my processor? Or does it do the encryption in a software layer? Thanks!
  7. Ok, so I installed it and rebooted... when DP loaded again it automatically started to remeasure. When it was finished it seems that it measured the SSD drive correctly. Nothing stored in the pool on the SSD was allocated as "Other". I'll keep an eye on this over the next little while as more files get added. Thanks.
  8. Ok, I'll do that now and let you know how it goes... I should remeasure when I get it installed?
  9. Oh, ok... I see it now:
  10. I opened the program up but don't see any indication of the version... where can this be found?
  11. So this morning two more media files were added to my pool. Before they were added I changed the balancing trigger to only balance at 5am everyday as to not try to balance while a file was being used. Both files that were added, were added to my SSD drive as "Other" - they were then uploaded by my 3rd party app. I just tried re-measuring to no success... files are remaining as "Other".
  12. The file may have been in use at the time of the first balancing (being uploaded to my Google Drive by a 3rd party app). No, I don't have duplication turned on for that particular folder - although I do have it turned on for a few other folders in the pool. At the time I tried manually re-balancing the file was not being used by any other process. The 3rd party app is InSync, it keeps designated local folders in sync with the same folders in your Google Drive. The file that was being shown as "other" was a media file that InSync was uploading. While it was uploading the balancer trigger may have prompted a re-balancing (trying to copy files off the SSD, onto the rest of the pool).
  13. Yeah, I tried that - by doing a re-measure I was able to recover about 3GB of the data.. but about 9GB remained as "other". I removed the SSD from the pool, this forced it to empty the drive - which it did. Then I re-added the SSD and set it up the same way (SSD Optimizer, etc... ) Don't think I should of had to do that though.
  14. Hi there, having a little issue. Recently when balancing has been triggered, not all of the new files added to the SSD are being moved off into the rest of the pool. See that gray area I've circled on the SSD drive? That's data that's part of the Pool. I'm not sure why it's showing as "Other" and why it isn't being moved off the SSD. I'm using the SSD Optimizer and it's been working fine until the last few days. Help! Thanks R
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