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Install update does not seem to work




I keep getting a notification saying an update is available.  When I click on Install update I get an error "the system cannot find the file specified". See attached screen grab.  

I tried installing via downloading the latest beta from the website, but the latest (apparently 1277) is not available - only 1244 which is already installed.

Any tips on getting past this error condition please?





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11 hours ago, Christopher (Drashna) said:

That's ... odd and shouldn't be happening.  


If you can, open a ticket at https://stablebit./com/Contact

Thanks. Done

Hope the solution is easily found.

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This should be fixed in the latest beta versions, however, you may need to download the latest beta. 

You can find the download links here: https://wiki.covecube.com/Downloads


And for those curious, the cause of the issue, we think is that the installer would be downloaded and saved to a "temp" folder location.  If the temp folder was cleared out, it would remove the downloaded installer, but the updater wasn't intelligent enough to understand that.  We've added some additional checks, so that it should redownload the installer if this happens.

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