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File Recovery Tools compatible with DrivePool?


Hello all,

I did the typical "D'oh, I should have known better" mistake, while organizing my files (renaming, cataloguing) on a pool before initiating a manual backup, I did a SHIFT-DELETE and deleted about 200GB of data on the wrong window.  I haven't saved or done anything else on that pool, so I'm sure the data is there somewhere, but I'm having a hard time finding a proper tool that can read the Pool properly.

Recuva doesn't recognize the "drive".  EASEUS Recovery seems to be taking forever and hasn't "found" anything yet after 3 hours.  R-Studio didn't find anything and only reported the pool as 2TB, but it's actually 50TB.  

Do I need to remove the drives from the pool individually and run the scans that way or is there a software package that will work as expected.

Many thanks!

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You'll have to disable/uninstall DrivePool (or at least turn off all balancing) and run Recuva or whatever other tool you use on the individual drives. Don't forget to restore any recovered files to a completely different physical non-pool drive (not a drive that doesn't have any deleted-but-needs-to-be-recovered data).

Then once you're satisfied you've got the files back, re-enable/install DrivePool.

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A good slightly techincal hack to avoid this is to create/use an account with the delete permission for deleting, and remove delete permission from the limited account you use for general use or drivepool access.

All my files across the drivepool have "normal-user account", and i have a special account just for deletion. So when i want to delete i have to provide credentials to authorize the delete. It makes whoops where did my data go moments a little harder.

Naturally its a custom permission, and i hate custom permissions as they sometimes go bad... and mostly get annoying.

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