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New 3TB Drive Not Showing Up To Be Added


Over the weekend I moved a number of large files around on my pool drives, and ran into some major issues.  I am not sure what happen but some how the drives became corrupted where on my next reboot windows went into repair mode (for hour) and updated many inodes.  


Nonetheless, I finally pulled one of the drives out (2TB) and from that point on the system booted clean.  Today I added a new 3TB drive to the system however when I go into DrivePool I do not see my drive listed.  Yet I am able to see it in disk management and windows explorer.


The one thing I do notice thatis different in Disk management there is a "yellowish/greenish" border around the new disk as appose to a typical blue.


Any ideas why DrivePool doe snot see this disk?

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The Yellowish color usually indicates that the disk is a Dynamic Disk. 

Unfortuantely, we do not support these currently.


You need to convert the disk back to a basic disk. This usually requires deleting the partition and re-creating it. If you have any data on the disk, you'd need to move it off of the drive first, obviously.

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